Daily Archives: January 10, 2010


Today seems to have slipped by without noticing.  I spent quite some time talking on the phone, Skype and MSN with family. From the extreme 43C in Melbourne to the icy and snow covered roads in the North East of England.

Alice, who I wrote about last Sunday in The end of an ERA, still awaits cremation.  It is now due to take place on Tuesday next.  The extreme weather will not alone prevent Elly, George and I from attending; but some of Alice’s sons in the south are stranded also.

Those members of the family who managed to gather last night have come up with a very thoughtful idea.

Once the bad weather has abated and temperatures thawed, the family plan to hold a Memorial Service of thanksgiving for Alice’s Life.  It will be followed by a meal and party of celebration.  Now that idea I like.  It will be great for Elly to strenghten the bonds with her dad’s family.  I hear they have some wonderful old photos to show us.  I can’t wait.