Today seems to have slipped by without noticing.  I spent quite some time talking on the phone, Skype and MSN with family. From the extreme 43C in Melbourne to the icy and snow covered roads in the North East of England.

Alice, who I wrote about last Sunday in The end of an ERA, still awaits cremation.  It is now due to take place on Tuesday next.  The extreme weather will not alone prevent Elly, George and I from attending; but some of Alice’s sons in the south are stranded also.

Those members of the family who managed to gather last night have come up with a very thoughtful idea.

Once the bad weather has abated and temperatures thawed, the family plan to hold a Memorial Service of thanksgiving for Alice’s Life.  It will be followed by a meal and party of celebration.  Now that idea I like.  It will be great for Elly to strenghten the bonds with her dad’s family.  I hear they have some wonderful old photos to show us.  I can’t wait.

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  1. bikehikebabe

    My aunts & uncles have all died except for Kendall, after whom we named our son. We are next in line. (to die–hate that word)

    I’d like to be a child & have grandparents again. Just long enough to have our big family gatherings.

    Nice it still happens for you.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    My siblings and I are on the top row now. We have no bloodline above us. I do have three aunts-by-marriage still living. I never knew my grandfathers, one grandmother died when I was eight and the other when I was twenty one.

    Now to be cheerful… I have my Elly! ;D

  3. Magpie11

    I keep saying that I’m going to hold my own Wake next year! Why should I miss out on the fun!
    I love the idea of a celebration of life or a life…. I’ve M.C.’d a few Dances/parties for just such things…. always fun until you announce the rememberee’s favourite dance, song or tune… then it picks up again.

  4. Debbie

    We held a memorial for my aunt when she died. She was also cremated. We decided to celebrate her life by playing her favorite music, having her favorite food, and sharing our favorite stories about her.

    Best wishes.

  5. wisewebwoman

    We did this when my dad died, GM, and most of my *sigh* dead friends have had this too. We need to celebrate life more. The old Irish wakes were the best.

  6. Judy Harper

    I have an aunt and aunt-in-law on my Dad’s side still alive and my Mom, Aunt and Uncle on my Mom’s side. Of course, here in the South, the word cremation has been taken out of the dictionary! LOL It’s just not done here, even in New Orelens where people have to be buried above ground. Due to it being belove sea level and when it rains, caskets have a tendency to float to the top, cremation isn’t used very often, even there. They have a two year rule and rent a tombs that are used.

  7. Nancy


    When my brother,Jack, died his two daughters and I had a lovely dinner at a local hotel and put an ad in the paper inviting all who knew him to attend.

    We had about 50 people there and most did not know each other but all had known Jack.

    His daughter, Diana, asked that each person stand and tell us what their name was and how they knew Jack. We had his mailman,his barber,the teller from his bank,the doorman of his building,his Doctor and the local priest from his parish, plus his children,my husband and me and his friends.

    Each told a story about my brother and it was a revelation to us all how much he was admired by his
    all who knew him.

    Just as Jack would have wanted there was plenty of food and drink and we all had a wonderful evening saying goodbye to great guy…

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Debbie – The memorial is the way to go. OK bury or cremate them with dignity, and then remember the good times.

    WWW – Some of those old wakes were wonderful.

    Judy – Renting a tomb or a grave is a good idea, after all we do not bury the soul or spirit of the person, only the waste matter.

    Nancy – I love that idea, we meet so many different people along the way in life, some leave a mark on our souls like an eternal flame, yet sometimes nobody else knows.


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