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Food Monday ~ Breakfast Surprise

Breakfast Surprise

I am not a great lover of Christmas, but one of the memories that will remain in my heart was the breakfast cooked by my son-in-law for all of us on Boxing St Stephen’s Day (well… I was in the south of Ireland remember!).

A bitterly cold morning was soon forgotten as we tucked into his very own, made from the ground up Yee- Haw Yankee Breakfast Pancakes.  With yummy Blueberries.

I recognise that plate and I want more pancakes!

The only sounds were “Pass the Maple Syrup please” and “Any more ready yet, Uncle George?”  From seven to Seventy there were happy faces all around the table.

So today I am feeling lazy and instead of typing out the recipe I suggest you click on the link and join in George’s new adventure at Not Junk Food .  There will be plenty more to come.  I know.  I have been a guinea pig in the past few months. 🙄

Huh!  They were blaming me because they lost weight. Seriously though, they have both lost weight, look and feel better and are eating far more healthily.