Daily Archives: January 16, 2010

Double Dare

At the end of my post Conversation on Tuesday, I finished with:

The moral of the story is never dare me to do something!

Well you know what happened…..

Don’t dare you to do anything? Ooh, I should dare you to kiss me, but that isn’t a hard challenge.

I’ll like to dare you do a portrait. Sit and have someone take a portrait of you, and you do the same to someone else. I’m not talking about a snap, I’m talking about a portrait. A picture which shows an aspect of the sitter.


Will Knott

Well how could I resist… back I came with the following comment:

Will – You are on! This idea might take off….. If enough people took up the idea (not all portraits of me, no way, but of others) Mulley might allow us to have them displayed at the Irish Blog Awards in March.

So where do we start?

Who in their right mind would want to have me as a subject of a portrait?  ‘A picture which shows an aspect of the sitter’.  I am curious to see how exactly someone else sees me.  Really!

Do I use ‘my portrait taker’ as my subject or work on the ‘pay it forward’ idea and choose somebody else?

Is this one for the photo bloggers or Flickr group?

Come on readers, I DARE YOU!  Have a go.