Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
I can sing a
rainbow, sing a rainbow, I can sing a rainbow too.
Listen with your eyes, listen with your ears and sing everything you see.
You can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow sing, sing along with me.
Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
I can wear a rainbow, wear a rainbow, I can wear a rainbow too.

red yellow pink green purple orange blue red yellow pink green purple

Yes indeed I can wear a rainbow of colours if I choose with care.  I can wear yellow if it is of the creamy custard variety, but not the sharp acid tones. Winter white is softer than the pure white, beige into brown works well for me if it is the mushroom category, or on into what my mother called ‘donkey’ brown.  Anyone ever heard of it lately?  Again the yellow-browns are out.

Donkey brown Rider hat with a camel coat for my Confirmation Day.  Wisewebwoman did you have a hat like that?

Peaches are a fruit I love, but the colour drains my face.  Greens, from the pale apple to the jade family and on into teal all work well.  Pink, lavender and the raspberry reds have been added since the autumn gold tresses faded towards silver.

A dark grape or purple are my ‘black’ and with winter white or a pink it looks well.

Blues are easier, from the pastel through to navy, leaving aside those with a yellow tinge.  In the springtime during many of my younger years the shop windows were filled with navy – dresses, suits and coats.  The trimmings or accessories might be white one year followed the next with yellow or even green.  There was always a freshness to navy that you didn’t get with black.

Navy is still a very popular colour.  How do I know?  When you go to the sales at the end of the season, you seldom find good quality bargains in navy.  Navy carries forward particularly in classical styles.  So why sell at a reduced price if you will get the full whack a few weeks later.

How do you know if the colour is right for you?

When someone tells you that you are looking really well (and means it), before saying something about your outfit, then you have made the right choice.

24 thoughts on “Colours

  1. gaelikaa

    I know that autumn colours suit me better. Every time I get a present of something wearable it’s always in a moss green or golden brown colour. I used to hate maroon when I was younger. I love it now.
    You look just like one of my cousins in your confirmation photo. I didn’t wear a hat for my confirmation, I wore a mantilla. I love reading your memories, it makes me feel closer to home….

  2. kenju

    I never had my “colors” done, but I know I can’t wear pastels, especially pink or yellow. I prefer dark colors and reds.

    I had a coat very similar to that, but mine was electric blue. You look very cute there!!

  3. wisewebwoman

    o.m.g. GM:
    We were bloody twins!1
    I have an identical hat except my head wasn’t as cute and delicate as yours so the hat was perched really awlwardly on top of it. I just HAVE to find the pic and post.
    You look adorable and far happier than yours truly!
    I’m more of a ‘spring’ colour person but lately I tend to wear a lot of black with wild splashes of red and pink. Great post!
    PS And I can see the’re a lot of growing to do in the coat, it must have lasted into your thirties!!

  4. Nick

    People are always saying I look fit and healthy, so I guess I must be wearing the right colours. One colour I practically never wear (except for an outer jacket) is black, it’s so dull and boring.

  5. Nancy

    Hello GM,

    I like and look good in any color as long as it’s blue!

    There is a famous observation by Former President Harry S. Truman who ,before he was in politics, was a Haberdasher. Do they use that word in Ireland for a Men’s Clothing Expert? Anyway….

    Harry Truman once said that if you met and spoke with a gentleman for a few minutes and then he went away, if you could describe his outfit,he was badly dressed. According to Truman if you are dressed in well tailored and tasteful clothing, it is almost impossible for someone to remember what you had on.

    Now,if you are wearing an orange and purple plaid jacket with a blue and white striped shirt and green polka dot tie, your outfit is easily recalled….

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – I had several mantillas but they came later, handier than a hat but I never really like them.

    Countrywife – I was all of eleven then.

    Judy – Raspberry or Chelsea Pensioner red suit me, but the orange tinges don’t work.

    WWW – Since my mother worked in Millenry, I was never allowed to plonk a hat on my head! The brim was truned down at the fromt and the hat worn at an angle. I seem lost in that coat. It was before my late main growth spurt. I have a car coat now that is the same colour and style but the pockets are different.

    Nick – My father was over 6ft tall and thin, he always wore a three piece black or dark suit. I never thought it suited him. It made him look very severe.

    Nancy – Thankfully I don’t have an outfit like the one you describe. Haberdashers seem to have gone the road of the just. Over here a Haberdashery store sold buttons, bows, ribbons elastic et all. We had a wonderful place called Rowes in North Earl Street, in Dublin when I was young. I remember being sent in there to buy…. knicker elastic! 🙄

  7. Magpie11

    I’ve just had a couple of ladies, over 80, trying to get me to try on black with silver sequins ……. Local Charity Shop…it was a skirt! I told them “No. Something more tailored and in deep green.” The kids at school always said I looked best in my green roll neck sweaters. Funny, I have hankered after that bottle green velvet Dinner Jacket with shawl collar since College days.

    Still wear teacher’s blue though…

    Oh to have lived in Georgian times !

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – We will have to do something about that shawl collared dinner jacket in bottle green velvet for you. It is not the first time I heard you mention it.

  9. Darlene

    When I wear periwinkle I have been told that is my color. I can wear hot pink, teal and all blues. Colors I can’t wear now; red, black, gray, yellow, and yellow greens. That’s fine with me because I don’t like those colors anyhow. (Well, red is okay.)

  10. Kay Dennison

    I had my colors done eons ago. I am what they call a Winter. Black is definitely my color as well as a true red — never ever a hint of orange. Since I started wearing my colors I get more compliments.
    Amazing but true.

    I’m glad Darlene tagged you — I’m still catching up adding blogs to my following thing so I’ll be back — I hope.

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Darlene – I always thought that periwinkle sounded so pretty. It fascinates me how our ageing skin tone changes the colours that suit us. Thank you for the meme award. I will try to complete it at the weekend. I will check out the side bar.

    Kay – The correct colours emphasise the eyes. I never seem able to keep up to date with all the blogs I like to read every day. But I do try!

    Lottie – That is an old picture. What is my secret? Laughter. Definitely laughter!

  12. Baino

    I definitely had a camel coat like that. No hat tho. Hmm, I’m not very colourific. Tend to be navy and black for work but try a green or pink shirt underneath for a splash of colour but I do like my Jacaranda blue T shirts. Funny people tell me I ‘smell’ nice and I often wonder if I’ve overdone it with the Calvin Klein!

  13. Rummuser

    I have always stuck to greys, dark blues and dark browns for my clothes. Rarely I did venture into camel brown for some blazers but so rare that people wouldn’t remember seeing me in that.

    Since the problem is choosing the right colour, how does one do it before buying the dress? Big dilemma right? I simply go by what I like.

  14. kimme

    I have burnt orange coat that I love. My friend says
    the color is crap on me…. I enjoy wearing it even
    if it isn’t the correct color. I add a scarf of cream
    around my neck to break it up… 🙂


  15. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – I suppose there were fewer styles in our young days. The work suit can prove a problem for some. I had several shirts and blouses that worked with any suit and added a tie or scarf – I LOVE scarves – to add a new demention.
    Calvin Klein! Is it Eternity? My favourite and it works well without being overpowering.

    Ramana – The professionals work the colours by draping a square of various colours across the chest and under the chin. Try it in front of a mirror. If you are more aware of the face, particularly the eyes, than the colour; you have will be good. If the colour is what catches your attention before the face, then forget it. I often use this method when shopping before going to the trouble of trying on an item.

    Kimme – Well I suppose if you like the colour and it makes you feel good that is all that matters. Try different scarves to change the emphasis.

  16. Magpie11

    I remember walking down the Chumps of Lizzie (Paris) with a French Mistress and a few others on a school trip back when I was 161/2! She had us looking in all the couturiers windows and saying what we liked. (okay the rest of the group were girls). They were all amazed at my unerring ability to choose classy clothes for them… “Which should I choose David?”…easy…choose the the best bit of tailoring and Navy and white! Worked every time…It’s called Classic.

    One name jumps into my mind : Audrey Hepburn

  17. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie, I first saw that as 161 or 162! 😆 16½, ok I will let you away with that. Then you mention a French Mistress….. Why did you go and spoil the image by mentioning ‘the others’! 🙁

    Classic styles do not date, and if carefully chosen.. the wearer does not date/age either. 😀

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  19. Grannymar Post author

    Dianne – As my hair and skin fades with age, I too can now wear colours that were off line for me in younger years.


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