Daily Archives: January 27, 2010

Art with My Needle ~ Week 23

Last week Fly stitch was the focus of the piece.  It was shaped like a letter Y.  Today by adding two further stitches, one at each side of the fly stitch tail it will form the base or spokes of a web.  Weave over and or under the spokes until the circle is filled.

Spider web stitch

When this stitch is used in Drawn Thread embroidery, the spokes are not all completely covered by the weaving, only half the circle is filled which gives the filling an open, lacy appearance.  For correct interlacing an uneven number of threads or spokes are needed in the foundation row.

A Ribbed Spider’s web has an even number of foundation threads or spokes which are covered with a continuous line of Back stitch, starting at the centre, and continuing round until the desired size is reached.

My sample above shows different sized wheels all using eight spokes, some are uneven in length.

Different effects can be achieved with the many threads available today, from those manufactured specifically for hand embroidery, knitting yarns, those drawn from fabric or sacks right through to raffia, twine and ribbons used for gift and floral ties.