Daily Archives: February 9, 2010

A Facelift

We had that chat.

You know the one about the effects of passing time…..

Who else but my Elly?  You know how it goes….

“Mum, I think you need updating!”

There are days when I am glad that I had only one daughter.  What must it be like to have an army of young ladies surrounding you like a gaggle of geese pointing out all those little faults.  Too fat, too thin, well the first never applied to me so that is something I suppose. 😀   Then there is the “Take that off it makes you look….. look… look OLD!” 🙁

So I had a long think about this face lift.  People wonder why I seldom sleep!  So what options are open to me: a do-it-myself jobbie or let the professionals run riot all over the shop?

What exactly would I like them to do?

  • A little Resurfacing to smooth the faded and tired layers.  A chemical peel or laser resurfacing.
  • Pulsed light therapy to stimulate the middle layer.
  • Creams & pastels to enhance and soften.
  • Tissue augmentation to plump out deep wrinkles with injections of collagen or other types of filler.
  • Botulinum toxin injections?

Are you joking?  I certainly do not want to last two.  I want a clean healthy make-over.

Facelift surgery is common in springtime.  However, in order to make an informed decision and give my consent, I need to be aware of the possible side-effects and the risk of complications.

  • Staying under wraps while the work is executed.
  • Being out of reach or contact for a couple of days.
  • Acceptance of the new look

Right, I think I need to go over those photographs again.



The facelift I am talking about is for my blog and not me.  It will not happen today and I will give you plenty of warning before we have a break in transmission.