Daily Archives: February 13, 2010


Maynard sent me this edited copy of one of my photos.

To blog you need words and today I have few.  I was outdoors this afternoon cleaning the inside of my car.  It was wonderful to be out there in the fresh air, able to clamber in and out and up and down.  The sunshine warmed my heart and now I feel content for a job well done.

♣♥♦ ♣♥♦ ♣♥♦ ♣♥♦

I was going to post some other pictures that I took while out the other day, but they are in my cell phone, and when I add the USB connection it refuses to do what I want. 🙁  I suppose it might be a senior moment and I can’t remember quite what to do….

I do have a photo to show you

I am not talking about the empty shop across the way.  I heard a dreadful statistic on the radio yesterday morning…. One in ten shops in the UK are closed for business!

I am talking about the sign on the door, one I hoped never to see again.

Coming in closer…

I am not asking for the vigilance to stop.  I want to live in a world with no need for signs like that.

At times we need to forget the past and live today while building for tomorrow!