We have all heard of a BLT – bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, but do you know what a BTW is?  They are quite common in Ireland.  The island of Ireland is a relatively small place.  It is possible to travel from one end to the other in one day, or indeed a half a day if you drive like the clappers and the traffic allows (in your dreams!), so an invitation or suggestion of a BTW can be very tempting.

BTW stands for a Blogger-Twitter-Whatever meet-up.  It gives those who live alone and work alone all day, the opportunity to meet face to face with like minded people, relax have a chat and some banter & craic over a pint.  Pints are not obligatory, a soft drink or coffee is quite acceptable.  The group can be as small as one couple or as large as a venue can hold.

Normally a date and time are selected and this info is passed about on Twitter.  People let the organiser know if they intend going along and then an area in a venue is booked for the group and it is usually somewhere that food or snacks are available.  There are times when you have advance notice and others when someone has had a rough day and just needs a listening ear for an hour, so twitters to see who might be available for a pint after work.  Some of these impromptu meet-ups have turned out to be great evenings – the problems and tensions of the day worked off and everyone goes home at a reasonable hour refreshed and ready to face the world again the next day.

Elly often Twitters when I am going down to Dublin and the meet-up might be round her dinner table.  All she wants are the numbers and she cooks a meal for all.  It is a great way to touch base with people. Alas, there are times when I must cancel or am unable accept an invitation, and as we all do say those words “Sure we will do it next time!”  Alas for one person, there will never be a ‘next time’!

At Christmas, @debbiemet suggested we meet for a lunch or coffee.  With the awful weather I refused to drive on a new hip.  I was whisked down and back up again in a short few days.  I only saw family ~ Elly and her in-laws ~ I did not have time to catch up with my own siblings or indeed my friends.

On Friday we were notified of the sudden death of @debbiemet and the Irish Blogger-Twitter world were stunned.  A Young married woman with so much to live for taken from us, yet an ould biddy like me who has had and lived a good life, is left to carry on.

Today Debbie’s funeral will take place in Dublin and in true Irish style a BTW has been organised by her on-line friends for later in the day, in her honour.  There will be people unable to get to the actual funeral but now have the opportunity to meet together in this way.  It will not be all about boozing, a whip around will be made for Aoibhneas Women’s Refuge, (in lieu of flowers) It was one of Debbie’s favourite charities.

I am unable to be in Dublin today, so I will be there virtually and raise my glass at my fireside.  No doubt Twitter will keep me up to speed with all the Craic at the BTW.

Our grief at Debbie’s passing is but a drop in the ocean to that of her husband and family circle.  I pray that they will find acceptance and inner peace in the dark days of loss.

13 thoughts on “BTW

  1. Baino

    Oh GrannyMar that’s so sad. We get so close to the people who are connected to us in the virtual world. I have a darling woman, a friend I’ve never met but talk to regularly and she is not long for this world I fear . .death is a part of life but one I’d rather not have to deal with. The death of someone so young is even sadder. Heartfelt sympathy to her family is all I can offer. Let’s hope her virtual network maintains contact with the family . . it’s a test of how true we really are as friends on social networks and blogs.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I agree. I was so shocked that I didn’t think to ask.

    Baino – Death is a peculiar thing, it has a different effect with each relationship. I still miss my maternal granny and she died in 1986!

    Margaret – Thank you.

  3. steph

    Very sad…

    I didn’t know Debbie but my heart goes out to everyone who did, and especially to her nearest and dearest.

    Well done, Grannymar for sharing the sad news.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Marie – That was a very interesting post thank you for linking to it for us.

    Steph – Debbie was mentioned in several blogs over the past few days.

  5. Maria

    I love the BTW idea and what fun it must be to be able to meet the people I blog with.

    Losing a blogger friend to death is much more difficult than I originally thought. I have lost two now and it is haunting and sad when I read about their passing.

    It makes it even more important to stay in touch with all those that we love. One never knows what a new day brings.

  6. wisewebwoman

    I have a chance to have another blogger meet soon so will put some urgency on it, GM.
    Also: another blogger bud and myself wonder about one who was very important to us in blog circles as he hasn’t posted since August of last year so one does wonder. Our questions to his email have not been answered.
    Deepest sympathy on Debbie, how terribly sad if she were that young and young children.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – I first met bloggers in the flesh at the 2007 Irish Blog Awards, each year since the numbers have grown and I meet more and more. Attending Podcamps, Barcamps and photowalks are all ways that I have had the opportunity to meet real bloggers. Some are now friends that I would trust my life with, and believe it or not most of them are half my age!

    WWW – the long silence is always a worry and often we have no way of finding out if the person is in need of help. Thankfully if I pop my clogs suddenly…. Elly will let you all know!

    Brighid – I am always amazed at how close we come to most of the people who visit our blogs. But we learn about the person from the inside without the distraction of the packaging.


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