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Are you Busy?

Would you like something to read?

How about 1074 Blogs all from Ireland.

You read that correctly.  There are 1074 2010 Irish Blog Awards Nominations, as Damien says “These are raw nomination lists with spam/junk nominations and some dead blogs removed. Yes we know some blogs in categories do not fit the category but this is what the general public has submitted”.

The Irish Blog Awards do not happen out of the blue, they happen because of the dedicated work and time given over many months by Damien Mulley and his team.  They are not Glitzy affairs where you buy your way in.  The whole process is voluntary, it depends on Sponsorship and in these difficult times finding sponsors for the twenty one categories and an overall winners prize is no mean task.  Without those Sponsors the whole event would not happen, so we owe special thanks to those who stepped up to the plate with the Geld!




Best Popculture blog



Best Food/Drink Blog

Bord Bia


Best Beauty/Fashion Blog



Best Music Blog



Best Photo Blog



Best Technology Blog/Blogger



Best Sport & Recreation Blog



Best Blog of a Business



Best Arts and Culture Blog

Poetry Ireland


Best Blog from a Journalist



Best News/Current Affairs Blog



Best Group Blog

Red Fly Marketing


Best Political Blog

Digital Revolutionaries


Best Blog of a Politician



Use of the Irish Language in a Blog

Edgecast Media


Best Specialist Blog

iQ Content


Best Newcomer



Best Youth Blog



Best Personal Blog *

Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group


Best Humour Blog *



Best Blog Post

KRO IT Solutions


Judging will begin early next week. Congratulations to all the nominees and a special thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate so many blogs, it makes for a very interesting time.  It is wonderful to see new blood on the block plenty of fresh talent to read and watch both now and in the months to come.  They deserve your support.

Every blog will be judged in round 1, then those who make it through to a second round and have nominations for more than one category will be asked to choose which one they wish to go forward for judging.  The final shortlisted names will be published closer to the event and category winners will be announced on the night of the Blog Awards. There is no public vote.

Actively blogging means the blog was in use at points between the date stamps mentioned.  I think that was from May to December 2009, but I stand to be corrected if that is not so.

Elly, George and I will be heading to Galway early in order not to miss out on the fun.  No doubt there will be a photo walk,  The guys will need time to spruce themselves up (or is that prop up the bar for an hour) while we ladies gather for the The Ladies’ Tea Party 2010 organised by Sabrina Dent.   This will be the third event of this kind and so popular that we had toyboys gate-crashing last year, but worry not I soon had them on their knees…

Thanks to sponsorship the  L’Onglex Ladies Tea Party will be held in the g hotel. The date is 27 March from 4 – 7 PM, this year’s event will include food, drink, tea, cakes and even gift bags and a DIY Nail Bar!   So are you listening Peter and Ben?  If you call in this year I will insist that you nails, both fingers and toes will be painted Bright red! Alas there are only 40 places but my place is booked and also Elly’s, so if you want to be counted in the other 38 get your skates on sharpish!

Oh!  Now I am all excited about going to Galway, I wonder what will I wear?

*Thank you to whoever nominated me, I am up against some very strong competition: There are 118 nominations for Best Personal Blog and 52 in Best Humour Blog.  If I happen to make the cut I shall have to make the decision of which one to cull.  The full list of Nominees is available on the Nominations link above.

Good luck to all!