Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

A Little Niggle

When I first embraced blogging, I had a Blogger Blog.  After a year or so I was moved over to WordPress and a have stayed with them since then.  My old posts were relocated to the new base and anyone who landed on an old early post link found themselves redirected here to Grannymar.  I happily continued to post and visit my usual round of favourites leaving comments when I felt the urge.

Life was sweet.

In recent months I have noticed a change.

When I visit Blogger Blogs these days a large proportion of them have re-introduced moderation of their comments.  So now when you post a comment there is no indication that it is the first response, or dumped in an in-tray with a million others.

That is not the reason for my frustration.

My annoyance comes from the actual effort in leaving a comment on a Blogger Blog.  Particularly when faced with this:

I have added my words of wisdom thoughts and want to submit or hit publish but how?

The Open ID option does not work for me so I am forced to use the Google Account!  It worked fine for a while but recently I have found it annoying.  Particularly when somebody uses that link to come back to my blog.  They are landing on the ‘oldBones’ my old Blogger blog! I know because a recent visitor* left a comment on that old blog, thankfully I was notified by email.

There is an answer…..

This version gives another option:- Name/URL

It allows me to use my Blog name and my URL (blog address).  Simple!

Did you know I have a pet hate?  Using a captcha.  Sometimes I type exactly what I see.  Honestly.  I am usually sober when I type…. uoy should ees what ti is elik when I ma tispy! 🙄

Now there was one evening….  I finished my dinner and refilled my glass to enjoy while surfing the blogs….  There was this captcha to fill in.  It was refused, so I tried again.  And again…. and again!  No! it was not the fault of the wine, that was a very nice bottle given to me by a friend.

The captcha didn’t like me so I sought help.   I clicked on the symbol

Well it is there for a reason and I needed help!

Dear Lord of demented Corncrake choirs! What in hell was going on?  My living room sounded like I had been invaded by 7 coachs of Japanese tourists who found an ancient mummy!   OK1  OK!  I know I am ancient but Elly will tell you that she was warned at age 10 never to call me ‘mummy’ at the risk of being disowned!

No matter what I did the noise continued, asking for help was dangerous and telling them to be quiet didn’t work, hitting the escape button didn’t work,  Elly & George were out on the town so no help there.  In my panic I forgot Twitter.  I went for the total desperation option and did a hard shutdown.  I went off to read a book instead.   Yes, Ramana, I do actually have a book or three! 😉

I thought about it during the dark hours of wakefulness.  What did I do before the noise started?  I retraced my steps in my mind and decided that I should have hit the disabled logo to close off the sound.  It works.

When Nurse Hitler was nagging me one day – you remember her – I clicked that sign and she shut up PRONTO!  I don’t think she ever tried it before!  Her face was a picture and I got two choccie bikkies with my coffee!

* Well worth reading this linked post.