Daily Archives: March 2, 2010

A Date with a Toyboy!

Later in the week I have a date with a Toyboy  A REAL one!  The very Toyboy who first christened me with the name Grannymar way back about 37 years ago!

This handsome young man was still at school when I met him and in essence he has not changed.  Having read Law and worked his way up the ranks, made his fortune – enough to have two homes – one at home in Ireland and another in warmer climes, he retired at 50 to turn his hand to writing full time.  Blessed with the gift for words, I predict he will do well.

All down the years he has never forgotten me, meeting up when possible, sending cards, making calls and now texting or emailing me with news of his life from whatever corner of the world he is in, or just to find out how I am doing.

He checked with me yesterday that there were no hitches to the arrangements and  asked me to pick the venue saying “ Lets hang the expense and go the best and nicest place! My treat.”

I have the feeling that I might be spoilt for the day! 😀

Now I wonder where we should go?