Daily Archives: March 10, 2010

Art with My Needle ~ Week 29

Buttons are fun to make.

I have over the years covered buttons with fabric to match or add contrast to an outfit.

The buttons today were more fun to try.

D rings, bone rings, a key ring and some preformed clear plastic button shapes produced especially for decorating and my favourite large wooden beads,

On the left is a preformed button shape worked in a random rainbow thread.  I worked the edge in close buttonhole stitch and the central bars were finished with the spiders web stitch we saw a couple of weeks ago.  (I have not given up on the spider’s web… yet!  It will appear one of these weeks.)

For the button on the right I used a ring  for holding keys.  It gave a stronger heavier frame – suitable for making a brooch.  Again, I worked the outer ring in close buttonhole stitch and then added long stitches across the diameter to form the stems.  On top I used exaggerated (read untidy) French Knots and bullion stitch before finally finishing with a bow made from several strands of embroidery cotton.  A small brooch pin at the back, would give it a second life!

The wooden beads were fun to try.

Working with a bodkin I brought the thread through the centre of the bead and than worked in crochet form around the bead.  The acorn I only worked part the way up and the rainbow coloured one I continued all the way!