Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

What next?

On 17th March Ireland celebrates the Feast of St Patrick, the Patron Saint.  For many years the day was more celebrated by those outside the country than the residents on home soil.  American street markings turned green and so did the Guinness, that last bit is sacrilege pure sacrilege! Baino danced on Bondi Beach. It seemed like the whole world was Irish for the day.  All the politicians travelled abroad for a free shindig to represent their country at parades, dinners etc across the globe.  The only person left at home to mind the house country was the President.

The ordinary men and women in the street were feeling neglected so they decided too have their own party.  Thus St Patrick’s Festival was born.  I was in Dublin last year for the Parade and the party at the Storehouse afterwards.

If you are unable to come over and join in the Craic and the céilidh in person, then how would you like to own a little piece of Ireland no matter how far from the Emerald Isle you are!

You heard me!  You can buy a piece of the ould sod and feel more Irish than the Irish on the day!  Mind you I think you will have to provide your own rain to water it! 😉  Maybe by next year someone will have discovered how to sell Genuine Irish Rain!  Maynard, stop your laughing.  It is not such an outrageous idea after all.  Conrad, please don’t confuse Irish rain with Irish Mist or Tullamore Dew they are different entirely.

Over across the channel in mainland UK they have gone even further.  I think you better sit down for this one…. Someone look at the calendar please; is it 1st April today?

Right so.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I will begin…

I was reading an article the other day in the Guardian online that The National Trust is selling jam jars of fresh, ‘stress-relieving’ country air to city folk!!!

All that is left now is for someone to come up with scratch and sniff cards for smelly sox… 🙄

I think I need to lie down!