Art with My Needle ~ Week 30

Made at the eleventh hour last night in order of today.

Not quite at the eleventh hour but more like the Cinderella hour when the eyes were tired. The central crochet ring should have been smaller, but you get the idea.  Perhaps if I had used wool instead of embroidery cotton…. well, I might have been able to see what I was at!  Not all ideas work out perfectly.

Now if ever shamrock needed drowning this is it!

In the meantime….

16 thoughts on “Art with My Needle ~ Week 30

  1. Rhyleysgranny

    You cannot un-impress me with your handiwork. It is a lovely wee shamrock. Now put your whip away and don’t overdo the Guinness today or it will make your eyesight worse 😉

    Happy Saint Pat’s to you Grannymar x

  2. nick

    That’s a fine wee shamrock. so it is. Now make sure you don’t turn back into a shamrock on the stroke of midnight….

  3. Maynard

    You would have done a better job if you had the pint first.

    Show us your green hair today!

    I bet you are “hot” in your green make-up!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    RG – See I am taking shortcuts! 😀 The Guinness will be going in with the beef today. Is it an offence to be drunk in charge of an oven?

    Nick – I might sneak in under the duvet with a book, it might be the safe option.

    Baino – I hope you got that raise! Was the party good?

  5. nick

    Drink-cooking certainly is an offence. I’m afraid your oven will be confiscated and you’ll have to do 100 hours community service at the nearest brewery.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – I may well have another go at the shamrocks but not till these are drowned!

    Nick – If that happens I am sure to have plenty offers to help hold my hand! 🙄

    Nancy – Thank you and Beannachtaí na féile leat a Nancy!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Nancy – In translation ‘A light heart lives longest’ is a perfect motto for you Nancy. Your heart is light, open and welcoming for all of us!

    Brighid – the arrival of spring greens are rather slow in my corner too! I am hoping that once here, they will linger long.

    WWW – I am not one bit happy with my effort from yesterday. I almost abandoned the idea altogether. Maybe by next year I will have worked out the effect I want.


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