One week to go

They are out… and I am out!

Irish Blog Awards Finalists list

Roll on the party!  Lots of new young blood on the lists this year.

8 judges looked at each category, so if I didn’t make the cut, I didn’t deserve to.  I am just so pleased to see the all inclusive Irish Blog Awards with so much fresh new talent make the final list.

Again thanks to all who played a part in bringing this event to this stage, and to the Sponsors who play a major part in making the night so memorable for all.

Now I am off to practice dancing on the table!!

6 thoughts on “One week to go

  1. Marie

    I am thrilled this year to be a finalist in the Specialist Blog category – well… thrilled and stunned – the competition is fierce out there, with so many fantastic blogs. I still think your blog rocks and looking forward to seeing you dance on the table next Saturday!

  2. Darlene

    I have my fingers crossed for you, Grannymar. You deserve to win if anybody does.

    If you are up to dancing on the table I am afraid I am going to have to resign from our dancing troupe. I could never manage the step up.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Marie – Well done you. Enjoy the build up and the night!

    Maynard – I am doing my best….

    Darlene – I am out of the running for this year, that is why I moved to being the floor-show. Mind you, with my dancing efforts I may well end up on the floor 🙄

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Sharon, it will be wonderful to catch up with everyone again. I was so out of the loop over the past year.


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