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The Full Story

Is it only four days?

Four days since the Party of the year that The Irish Blog Awards 2010 was and is, since the buzz from it still goes on in my mind.  Once settled into our abode for the night, we quickly abandoned George, primped, preened and prepared to set out and play, we gathered Sharon and Louise and the four of us hailed a taxi and headed off.

First stop was the The g 5 star hotel in Galway Ireland, for the Longlex Ladies Tea Party.  As we were escorted to the Linda Evangelista Suite we had the opportunity to soak up inspiration from the king of heads Phillip Treacy responsible for all the interior design.

Sabrina Dent our Hostess for the day and Founder of the Ladies Tea Party was waiting to greet us. Smiling as always through the pain and discomfort of a shattered shoulder.  We arrived in time to assist with that sling.

Being the first guests to arrive gave us the chance for a good old nosey about.  The bathroom had one wall of glass with a view out over Galway Bay and the other three and the ceiling were mirrored.  For the day it was set up as a Nail Bar and most of the ladies present got their talons painted for the evening ahead.

We lady Bloggers know how to have a good time, we chatted, drank, eat and laughed plenty,we covered many topics from

Corsets with Kate & Ciara


This is Ruth and not Mór Rígan with a new tattoo

Thanks to L’Onglex the sponsors for the generous freebies of nail varnish remover in gift bags AND for supplying the nail bar goodies, to Ruth Crean for the pretty pocket mirrors, not forgetting Curious Wines for the generous quantity of excellent wine.

Our gifts of nail care products.

We also had tea and coffee to accompany the very tasty food.

All too soon it was time to gather our goodies and head over to The Radisson Blu for the main event.

The generous Sponsors for IBA 2010

The awards themselves were great, Damien Mulley the King of Blogging did a tremendous job of organising the event and our host for the evening for the fifth year running was the talented Rick O’Shea.  Last year the theme for the evening was a wedding with a bride processing in full regalia, and this year a funeral for the death of Blogging complete with coffin and pallbearers.

In the past few weeks there have been many articles written in the papers and on Blogs stating that Blogging was dead!  Saturday night proved these statements to be far from the truth.

Upended coffin topped with lillies decorated the stage.

Once the proceedings start we moved like clockwotk through the categories and before we knew it the final Grand Prix was awarded.  The final list of winners for Irish Blog Awards 2010

Then it was down to the serious business of catching up with old friends and meeting so many new faces.  The clocks springing forward magically means I have no idea if I was going to bed with old time or new!

Now what have I forgotten…..?

Oh yes!  This:

I couldn’t resist it! 🙄

UPDATE:  Apologies for misspelling of Mór Rígan‘s name

UPDATE 11: It was Ruth and not Mór Rígan had the new tattoo of sewing needs