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Friends & Enemies

Our Loose Blogging consortium of Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and I, well those of us not on holiday or distracted by the calls of work, study or family concerns, turn our thoughts to the topic for the week, chosen today by Conrad.

Friends and Enemies!

James reversed as he elbowed his away from the tightly packed rows of people at the bar. Three well pulled pints of beer held together by his almost joined hands.  It was the lazymans way he knew, but better that, than having to battle his way back for the third pint!  The lads were waiting anxiously in the corner… thirsty for the drink and for the evenings craic to begin!

The air was warm from the swell of the crowd and the atmosphere was of celebration. It was a Friday night, and all the punters were glad to be free of work for another week. The beer was cold, rich in colour like liquid gold.  James was drooling in anticipation of that first sip.   It was well cold as it should be, it somehow helped with relaxation to feel that first slug of icy liquid slip all the way to the stomach.

Condensation had quickly formed on the outside of the three glasses.  James squeesed his fingers tighter, no way did he want to lose a drop.  He concentrated on the now slipping glasses while still reversing.

“Ouch!  That hurt!” he heard as he felt a softer surface under the heel of his reversing shoe.  Never one to willingly cause pain, he swung round to apologise to the sweet female voice directly behind him.  Not a good idea.  The young lady was in pain.  The beer did not appreciate the sudden change in direction either, proof if needed was seeing three pints of beer explode like a tsunami all over the injured young lady.  She was not amused.  A shower while fully clothed was not her idea of fun and she stank of beer.  Her outfit as well as her evening was ruined.  So much for celebrating the promotion and raise in her salery!

James felt such an idiot.  He tried to apologise but the young lady was having none of it. She returned to her friends waiting for their drinks.  “What happened to you Melanie” they asked.“

“Just don’t ask” said Melanie adding “I am going home, I am soaked through.  The girls gathered their belongings and they all left The Green Goose together.

A week later as the three flatmates were dressing to go out and deciding where to spend the evening, the Green Goose was mentioned, it was the most popular bar in the neighbourhood with a good atmosphere and plenty of ‘talent’.  Melanie was reluctant to return after the incident of the previous week.  The girls coaxed and tried to convince her.  Rachel had her eye set on chatting to Nigel the rugby player and Joan knew that Phillip would be there.  It took some time, but eventually Melanie agreed.  So off they trotted.

The bar was quite full and the buzz had an air of expectation about it as they entered.  Avoiding their usual table they ventured further into the crowd.  Joan went to the bar for the first drinks of the evening.  As Melanie and Rachel chatted three drinks were placed on the table in front of them.  There was no sign of Joan.  Looking up it was Mr Beer himself who had brought the drink.  He wanted to assure Melanie that the disaster of the previous week was an accident, but she was not happy about talking to her enemy since he was the cause of ruining a lovely dress.

James persisted, but Melanie answered in words of one syllable, she had decided that this guy was not going to have the opportunity of a repeat performance.  James withdrew and returned to the lads in the corner.  He liked the look of Melanie, he had discovered her name from her friends, there was something about her that caught his interest and he wanted to learn more about her.  He would give it a couple of weeks and then perhaps invite her for a meal.

Over the weeks Melanie thawed a little towards James, but she always referred to him as ‘my enemy’.  It became a joke and the girls often asked when she had a date, if she was going out with her enemy.  She did go out with James and the relationship deepened with time.

Within the year Melanie & James decided to marry and the girls were delighted and excited for them.  They both agreed to be bridesmaids and over the next few months helped with all the planning and had a wonderful time choosing The Dress.

On this occasion enemies became friends and the last I heard they were still happily married with a family of three.