Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

A Tall Toyboy!

I met a very tall toyboy yesterday on my journey home.

The wind was so strong that his trouser legs flapped about like wind pockets.  I was expecting him to take off for outer space at any moment.

He made and presented me with a gift.

The carpark at the Outlet centre was pretty full so I expected the place to be busy.  I felt the atmosphere was more alive than last time I was there.  There seemed to be fewer empty units this time.  For those with money the bargains were plentiful.  Most of the shops had 3 for 2 offers.  I looked at a suit on the ‘Sample size’ rack.  The jacket fit well £22 but the trousers @ £10 were actually cut-offs, the stopped mid calf so not suitable for these old cold legs.

No, I didn’t!  That particular pink was not my colour. 😉