Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

A life in Shreads


I needed something to keep me busy when the broadband died.

That bag is tightly packed and if this had arrived while I was shredding, it might have ended up in there too!

The remote control is sitting on the address window on purpose.  The printed address on the back is for a genuine bank.

The letter/bank statement/whatever is addressed to:

  • Mr 3 initials Surname
  • C/O My Full Name
  • My full address and
  • Postcode

George, hold Elly down.

I DID NOT pick up a Toyboy on my way back home from Dublin.  The phone line and broadband were really not working, I would never think up an excuse like that!  Would I? 🙄

Do you know of anyone with a Barclays Bank account in the UK?

What would you do with the envelope?