A wee Pee

Yesterdays post ended up going down the toilet.

What a waste! 😉

My mention of shredding paper let the chat to compost.  There were giggles and squeals at the suggested use a particular moisture to nourish the pile.  So I went digging

The best form of liquid addition for compost is what some composters primly call Household Compost Activator. Other people call it urine. Don’t be coy about it — this is what should happen to urine rather than wasting it by flushing it down the toilet. Develop a self-righteous attitude about not wasting it — but don’t shout about it too loud, modern city people like neighbours and so on can be funny about these things, what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

First, urine is sterile. Second, it contains the drainage of every cell in the body — it’s crammed with minerals and vitamins. Third, it contains a lot of nitrogen — that’s one reason that it’s silly to buy nitrogen (there are others).

It shouldn’t prove too difficult to arrange to have a few litres of Household Compost Activator set by when it’s time to make the compost. You can use it neat, or mix it 50-50 with water, and add a capful of seaweed emulsion while you’re at it. Use a sprinkling can.

Urine is sterile when it comes out of your body. Don’t use it if you have a urinary tract infection.

This is an interesting link for snippets of information.

Happy composting and gardening!

14 thoughts on “A wee Pee

  1. Grannymar Post author

    Kate – NO! Use the teabags and coffee grains as usual. The coffee grains spread at the base of plants keep the slugs away!

    Nick – I doesn’t surprise me.

  2. Maynard

    Along with the recycled beer, put a pan of pure beer in the garden, it draws slugs instead of having the slugs on your plants feasting.
    If your pan is full of beer drink the rest . Wait a few minutes then you can recycle it right their. but carry a glass of water so you can dilute it.
    Grannymar, did I read the instructions right?

  3. Kate

    Maynard – I have always put beer out to catch the slugs – it works so well…. my problem is disposing of a tub full of drunken slugs!
    Maybe you have the answer …. oh, and I drink the rest too!!!

  4. Maynard

    Kate, I give them to my Quail. They appear not to get enough beer from the slugs to tip over.
    I hope you are not using Guinness to capture your slugs. That would be a waste of great beer.

  5. steph


    Not only is urine crammed with nutrients, it also contains detailed information about how your body is functioning.

    Urinalysis is used to screen for metabolic and kidney disorders and for urinary tract infections as well as determining pregnancy.

    We should never underestimate the value of a ‘wee pee’.

  6. Magpie11

    Slugs and snails OD’d on caffeine can be hilarious apparently.

    Dispose of the slugs (once really dead) by burying them or putting them on the compost…the beer is good for compost too and in this case it’s a different type of recycling.

  7. Baino

    Apparently it’s very good for citrus trees as well. I can testify to that, many a young man has peed against the lemon tree rather than take the trip to the loo . .why? Because they can! Little devils. I have blue tongued lizards to deal with slugs and snails, you don’t get more organic than that!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Steph – That is why we are asked for a sample every time we go to the Dr. and NO, she is not checking if I am preggers!. 🙄

    Ramana – Farmer Maynard was showing me his quail eggs!

    Magpie – Drunken slugs and snails reminds of seeing little birds eating spag bol – they were slipping and sliding all over the place.

    Baino – You have wonderful wildlife in your garden!

  9. Margaret Kilgore

    Thank you Grannymar, this could not be more timely information. Have recently been given the responsibility for tidying up my bachelor uncle’s farm home. After a brief “wade through” the other day I was pondering why one would save their “wee pee” and I was hesitant to ask him….. Now I get it! Uncle has always recycled. The things I don’t know amaze me.


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