Daily Archives: April 13, 2010

The next Step

Last Saturday I asked for your advice about a letter that came my way in the Mail.  Today I spent one and a half hours with an Assistant Branch Manager of the Bank concerned as we tried to sort out the mess.  He listened well and was very helpful and we set the wheels of the complaints procedure in motion.  I hope to hear from them very soon.  Thank you everyone who gave me advice.

Should anything like this ever happen to any of you, do not use the ‘return to sender’ option or a note will be attached to said account and it will remain in Limbo until claimed – perhaps by the wrong person.  Take it to the bank and let them deal with it.  All banks now have a Fraud department and they liaise with the Police.

This event brought another banking tale back to me.  A friend of mine had her bag stolen, it was in the early nineties and with it went her credit card.  Naturally she cancelled the card and a new one was issued and the account amended.  Life returned to normal for her and time passed.  Two years passed, and then her credit card statement showed up a purchase she had not made.  When she contacted the bank she discovered that the purchase was from her old card and the transaction debited on her account.  It all took time to sort out.

So keep a close eye on your statements and on what you have in your wallet or purse.  Don’t come looking for my purse because the £2 3s 4d will not take you far!

Would it cover a Fish supper!