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Last Saturday I asked for your advice about a letter that came my way in the Mail.  Today I spent one and a half hours with an Assistant Branch Manager of the Bank concerned as we tried to sort out the mess.  He listened well and was very helpful and we set the wheels of the complaints procedure in motion.  I hope to hear from them very soon.  Thank you everyone who gave me advice.

Should anything like this ever happen to any of you, do not use the ‘return to sender’ option or a note will be attached to said account and it will remain in Limbo until claimed – perhaps by the wrong person.  Take it to the bank and let them deal with it.  All banks now have a Fraud department and they liaise with the Police.

This event brought another banking tale back to me.  A friend of mine had her bag stolen, it was in the early nineties and with it went her credit card.  Naturally she cancelled the card and a new one was issued and the account amended.  Life returned to normal for her and time passed.  Two years passed, and then her credit card statement showed up a purchase she had not made.  When she contacted the bank she discovered that the purchase was from her old card and the transaction debited on her account.  It all took time to sort out.

So keep a close eye on your statements and on what you have in your wallet or purse.  Don’t come looking for my purse because the £2 3s 4d will not take you far!

Would it cover a Fish supper!

13 thoughts on “The next Step

  1. nick

    I think the important thing with debit and credit cards is never to use them on dubious-sounding websites and never to reveal the card details and PIN numbers to anyone at all. I’ve never had a major fraud on my cards though my credit card was replaced recently because the bank spotted a security problem.

    The contents of your purse remind me of that old story “Send three and fourpence, we’re going to a dance.”

  2. Magpie11

    I always value the personal service I still get from my bank. Okay the manager doesn’t know me but the regular staff do….

    I too thought of the 2Send reinforcements. Going to advance.” Story.

    I helped set up a small dance band several years ago… they called themselves “Three and Fourpence”.

  3. Rummuser

    Sound advise. My bank is just across the street where I live and I also get preferential treatment for being a Senior Citizen! I have not so far got any cause for complaint from them though most of my banking and paying of bills, shopping, etc are done online by me.

    About the 2,3,4 in your bag. Coming from a poor country as I do, it sounds very tempting!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I dislike using an ATM if there is someone near me with a mobile phone. Some of those chip & pin machines are weird, no two are the same. I often wonder if they are ever cleaned or left full of dust.

    Magpie – You, Nick and I are all old enough to know that story. I used to know all the staff in the local bank – we all had children at the same school. Most of them seem to have moved on now.

    Ramana – With the talk of cheques being made obsolete we will all have to do things online. I suppose cash will be the next thing to go. We have come a long way from the barter system!

    Maynard – I think you would £4 in your pocket to buy a pint nowadays. Glad I seldom drink the stuff!

  5. Darlene

    Any thief who stole my purse would be sadly disappointed, also. He might be able to buy a postage stamp or two. I do carry credit cards and that would pose a problem. Of course, you can cancel them immediately but it takes two weeks to get your new one. I guess I could save some money that way, though. 😉

  6. wisewebwoman

    Someone would be at the food bank after upending the contents of my bag, ha!

    I think the day is soon coming when we’ll all have microchips inserted into our wrists that will do everything….


  7. Grannymar Post author

    Darlene – I usually have a postage stamp or two and a safety pin in my purse the latter has many uses.

    WWW – How long will it be before the microchips are inserted at birth?

    BHB – My mun never carried a bag or coin purse. She wore one glove and stuck her money inside the glove so she always had it in the palm of her hand.

  8. Baino

    Sounds like my wallet. Although credit card fraud and ATM ‘skimming’ is big here. Adam recently had his pathetic savings ‘skimmed’ from an ATM that had been rigged to empty his account. The bank were onto it toot sweet though and refunded his cash. Good advice about taking envelopes back to the bank even if it’s mistaken identity. Personal service from a bank? Don’t make me laugh. Now there’s a fee to transact over the counter!

  9. Lorna

    Reminds me a little of that saying that to give a purse as a gift is bad luck unless some pennies (or euros/pounds) are placed in it.


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