Daily Archives: April 17, 2010


I have a few magnets on my fridge door.  Some have come and gone over the years.  Now my collection is reduced to the 10 that I like or have special meaning for me.

Top left is for Message in a Bottle and very important. On the right is a little message pad with a magnet on the back.  I keep forgetting to use it.   The blue one is the garden at Versailles, It has been there since 1999 and lost most of the colour in that time.  It reminds me of a special day so am happy to keep it.

The slim dark one is a Moo Card with a christmas greeting and change of phone number printed on the back with two narrow strips of magnet attached!  One of Elly’s bright ideas – a great way for family and friends to keep her phone number.  It reminds me of a morning working with George as he cut the strips of magnet and I attached them.

Elly?  She was resting!  Well her work was done, she had ordered the cards, the roll of magnetic tape and the little envelopes.

The bottom one is an Irish Toast

May you always remember

At your age….

That life’s too short

to be dating

Ugly Men

My collection is miserable compared to this one: