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Food Monday ~ George’s Surprise

Reading Not Junk Food the other day it was Elly’s turn to provide the recipe.  This time her choice was for “Sweet Vanilla Pastry Pie Case”.

Looking at the picture of the finished product resting on the rack beside her cooker, I was a little confused.  I knew it was Elly & George’s kitchen, counter and cooking tin.  The problem was that the actual pie crust carried me back to Nana’s (read mammy’s) kitchen.  The colour of the cooked pie crust & the fork marks were exactly as Nana would have produced them.

It was not only that… Elly talked about greasing the tin:

…grease it lightly using some kitchen roll and vegetable oil.

Mammy greased the tins, but she did it a little differently.  We did not have paper tissues never mind kitchen roll back then.  Nana ‘saved’ the butter & margarine papers for use to grease her tins.  Waste not want not.  In those pre-historic days we baked with Stork Margarine.  It came in ½ lb blocks wrapped in the same extra strong greaseproof paper as the butter, so there would be plenty of wrappers to grease all the tins used on a daily basis for bread, scones, pastry, sponges etc., with no time for them to go rancid.

We used 6 lbs of butter a week – occasionally we needed to buy extra, the butter was spread THICK on the bread and two dishes were put on the table at every meal.  Well… ‘no man in his right mind would dare eat a spud without a wallop of butter on it’!  Mind you, that same ‘no man’ felt it was not a dinner if there were no spuds served with it.  “You could keep all that rice and pasta rubbish, it was only suitable for foreigners!”  I think we have all turned into foreigners these days! 😀

Now I have distracted myself long enough……

  • Monday I was thinking Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Tuesday I was thinking Treacle Tart
  • Wednesday I was thinking French Apple Tart
  • Thursday I decided it would be Bakewell Tart

Then came Friday and I was in for a shock. –  Sweet Potato Pie It was totally new to me and a very pleasant change.  So for those of you not familiar with Not Junk Food pop on over  and give it a try.