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Art with My Needle ~ Week 35

Cording a Roman Blind

Wisewebwoman asked last week if I could help with instructions to cord a Roman Blind.

You will need:

  • Wooden heading or batten board of the required width.
  • Angle irons and screws for mounting the heading board.
  • Non-stretch or nylon cord for each vertical row of rings plus threading across the width and down the side.
  • A screw eye for each row of cords, plus one slightly larger screw eye to take all the ends.
  • A cleat to tie the blind cords to, when it is in place.

Cut lengths of cords twice the length of the blind, plus its width to the side edge.

With the blind laid flat on a table, tie the cords to the appropriate bottom rings and thread vertically through the rings and up through the screw eyes.  Knot the cords together about 1inch from the outside edge of the blind, near the top outside screw eye.

Fix the angle irons to the top of the window and mount the wooden batten.

Trim the pulling cords so that they are all level at the bottom edge and knot them again*.  Fix the cleat to the window wall to hold the cords when the blind is pulled up.

Draw up the blind to form pleats.

* When I am satisfied that the top knot is in the correct position: I plait the cords down the side, it makes for a neater finish and then knot the enf of the tails.