Daily Archives: April 30, 2010


Our Loose Blogging consortium of Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and I, well those of us not on holiday or distracted by the calls of work, study or family concerns, turn our thoughts to the topic for the week, chosen today by Anu.

Freedom vs. Independence

I have Freedom
I have Independence
So the ‘versus’ does not come into the equation for me.

I live alone and make my own rules.  I get up when I want to and go to bed when I feel like it.  There is no waiting for a key to be turned in the door signalling the return of an overdue offspring.  I drive and have a car so I am not dependent on buses or taxis. I cook the foods I like at the times to suit me.  If I am hungry early then I eat early, if not my meal can be quite late.

My bungalow is detached, so I am not forced to listen to music I do not choose. No herd of elephants are prancing around in a flat upstairs.  If I want to make noise, I make noise. I am at liberty to open or not to open my front door.  The phone can be left ringing if I choose not to answer it.

The phone can be left ringing……

The phone can be left ringing because I am unable to reach it.  The house can be quiet because there is nobody to talk to.  Meals are easy because they are meals for one.
The dust can lie and the floor remain unwashed – because there is nobody to notice.

Nobody to give a welcome home hug.
Nobody to share the latest piece of news I heard about today.
Nobody to shout at when I feel frustrated.
No shoulder to cry on when I am sad.
Nobody to share laughter until the tears run down our faces.
No arms to hug me and tell me I am special.
Nobody to begin and end the day with.

Nobody has everything they want.  The secret is in wanting what you have!


A brief candle; both ends burning
An endless mile; a bus wheel turning
A friend to share the lonesome times
A handshake and a sip of wine
So say it loud and let it ring
We are all a part of everything
The future, present and the past
Fly on proud bird
You’re free at last.

~ Charlie Daniels,
written en route to the funeral for his friend, Ronnie Van Zant of the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd.