Daily Archives: May 1, 2010


On 8th April I wrote by way of apology for my enforced absence online, and to tell the tale of woe in having the service restored.

Once back in action harmony was restored and life continued as per normal.

Earlier this week my quarterly phone bill popped through the door.  I pay by direct debit so there was no great request for me to hand over my widow’s mite! 🙂  As per usual routine, I run my eye down the five pages of information to make sure that all is correct.

The line rental and other basic charges were there, the list of calls made and of course the VAT.  It all seemed in order.  Then I took another look.  Yes, I was charged for everything.  There was of course no reference made to the lack of service over five days.

I phoned the accounts department… well, I tried to phone them.  We had of course to play a game of ‘Options’ before I got there.  Eventually I was through to a very nice young lady in New Delhi.  I explained my dilemma and she was most helpful.

The final result is that a months rental will be deducted from my next bill.  Sweet!