A Smile

a smile
is a light
in the window
of your face
that shows
your heart
is at home

I have no idea where I found this poem, who wrote it or how long I have it.
I do know I like it.

13 thoughts on “A Smile

  1. Rummuser

    That certainly deserves to be preserved and recalled often. It is beautiful as this quote from Mother Teresa is too.
    “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. To children, to the poor, to all who suffer and are lonely, give always a happy smile.”

  2. steph

    I know where it came from!

    I sent it to you :mrgreen:

    It was sent to our daughter, Poppy by a family friend who’d written it out beautifully in calligraphy. Poppy liked it so much, we framed it and she had it on her bedroom wall for many years.

    As far as I know, it’s original source is unknown.

    I like this quote too…

    Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking.

  3. Nancy

    I loved the quote, Grannymar, and want to add the sentiments expressed in one of my favorite shows -“ANNIE”.

    “You’re never really dressed without a smile.”

  4. Tech Unsavvy

    I used to struggle when people suggested that I smile when my heart’s not in it; it felt so fake to me. Then I discovered how powerful the physical act of smiling is–separate from where the mind is dragging you or how deep the heart may be hiding. The smile itself, starting with a crinkle of the eyes so that the lips simply follow along, is the most powerful tool in our self-help arsenal. As my laughter yoga teacher said: “Smile till you feel it. Then giggle.”

    And this beautiful poem teaches us that if there is no smile, then the heart must be away, and needs the beacon of a smile to guide it back home.

    No new post up yet, Grannymar (I am slow!) but I will let you know when it’s worth dropping by, (ie, the tea is on)!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I like your phrase!

    Lily – A smile cost nothing and it gives so much!

    Steph – Thanks for the reminder. My mind went blank on where I got the poem. Now, my version of your saying above is: Smile, it makes people wonder what you were up to! 😉

    Nancy – that line from Annie is so true and we use les muscles to smile than we do to frown! 😀

    Tech U – This all reminds me of one of my nieces: on her wedding day she told me her face hurt… she was unable to stop smiling. How wonderful! She is still as happy today and with even more to smile about as she enjoys her own precious little bundle of love!

    I have added you to my RSS Reader so will know when when you publish a new post!

  6. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – my laughter lines are well earned and make me happy in my skin!


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