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Food Monday ~ Cherry Brandy

Since this is a holiday weekend I have something a little Special.
A treat from The Magpie’s Nest.   Regular visitors here will be very familiar with hints, tips and recipes added in the comment box by Magpie 11.  On the day we were talking about Skittles Vodka, Magpie asked if we would like a recipe for Cherry brandy.  How could I refuse?  So over to Magpie 11:>

Cherry Brandy

Take as many ripe black cherries as possible and  snip the stalks off then prick the cherries a few times with a bodkin (or other large needle).  Place the cherries in a large jar and add sugar (just sling it in) cover well the whole lot with not too expensive Brandy or Marc cover/screw down the lid. Leave to mature for a minimum of 4 months (or, if you forget it’s there, for four years!!!!) in a dark place. (the dark place is actually important.)

After six months taste from time to time (you may want to add a bit more sugar or Brandy, or even more cherries) too much testing can lead to unforeseen results such as…nothing left at the end of the process.  When you are satisfied strain off the liquor and bottle in dark bottles.

The cherries can then be eaten a few at a time or fed to your local school site services officer (aka caretaker).

I once left a container full in the staff room fridge. The head accused the caretaker of drinking on the job. We let her taste the cherries and take a few home and she withdrew the accusation. Well, he wasn’t drinking.

Myself…I don’t actually like Cherry brandy or brandied cherries… I did enjoy the one I made with Blackcurrants and vodka(and a few leaves of lemon balm) and apparently using gin and blackcurrants makes a great drink…. and of course there’s Sloe gin or Sloe whiskey…..

Unfortunately I am not allowed  to set up a still other wise I’d be well set to experiment!