Quiet Life

Where are all the people?

I wonder what stories are unfolding behind the façades of these apartments?

10 thoughts on “Quiet Life

  1. Baino

    The same stories behind the facades of any home I guess. I thought I heard ‘screaming’ from one of the McMansions up the back tonight and nearly called the police but I think it was a yappy dog . . Looks like my neighbourhood on a Sunday. Huge houses, purpose built parks and not a soul to be seen! Weird.

  2. Nancy

    That’s what my street is like in Florida. I don’t know why I never see people in their gardens or their patios.

    They also buy these huge boats. There are hundreds of them tied up in every marina, but on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon you never see a boat out on the water.

    Do you think the whole World is just a movie set and God is really Steven Spielberg? If so, I hope I get a speaking part…

  3. Rummuser

    I would give an arm and a leg to live in a terrace like this one. In India, you will never find a place like this anywhere. There will be people everywhere, coming out of doorways, gates, from behind bushes, trees, cars, vans and you will also see dogs, cows, cats and sometimes donkeys and elephants too. There is non stop human and vehicular movement in towns and cities. You may find something like this in our villages during peak agricultural time but even then, there will be some old people and children playing around. There are just too many people.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – Sometimes it is worth following up on those cries for help.

    Steph – Maybe they switched them off when I was looking. 🙄

    Mayo – I am not your side of the pond!

    Judy – Me too!

    Nancy – I never looked at it like that! I hope you have a prize part!

    Ramana – It all sounds very busy. I bet it is colourful.

    ChrisD – I was skulking around DCU yesterday. I should be about for a few days… if I am not evicted! 😉


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