Our Loose Blogging consortium of Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and I, well those of us not on holiday or distracted by the calls of work, study or family concerns, turn our thoughts to the topic for the week, chosen today by Gaelikaa.

“I Just Hate It When …”

The toast falls on the floor jam side down.

The phone rings just when I sit on the loo.

The rain starts as soon as I finish cleaning windows.

People are late for appointments.

People are rude.

My broadband dies.

You reach for another square of chocolate only to discover you have already eaten it!

The thread runs out just five or six stitches before the end of what I am sewing.

16 thoughts on “When

  1. steph

    I just hate it when…

    … the phone rings with a wrong number and there’s no apology 😡

    … I miss the bus (especially when it leaves early) 🙁

    … I go to the loo and then find there’s no loo paper 😯

  2. bikehikebabe

    “You seem to have the universal voice! Well, except for that sewing thing…”

    No Conrad. Running out of thread before you finish is just AWFUL!!!

  3. nick

    I’d agree with most of those. Plus I hate it when my shoelace unties while I’m walking and then gets knotted when I’m trying to take my shoe off.

  4. Conrad

    bhb, I was just poking GM in the ribs. 🙂 After the poke, the back swing got guys!

    I have no doubt that you speak truth on this. But, being a sewing virgin, I haven’t experienced it.

    I’ve experienced my last small-diameter drill bit snapping when I needed a tap hole, though. Is that similar?

  5. Baino

    Hmmm all those happen to me with alarming regularity. I also hate it when you run out of loo paper and someone leaves the empty roll there! GAH!

  6. Mayo

    Do you have a whine bar? It appears to be open.

    I hate it when my finger is swollen(like it is now) and I’m unable to pick my nose.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Conrad – Sewing class begins on Monday…. sharpish! 😉

    Steph – I often get calls for some guy called Andrew, and I always say hang on while I get him out from under the bed!

    BHB – you sound like the voice of experience!

    Nick – I hate those shoe laces with the rounded edges, they never stay tied!

    Conrad – I thought I had cracked a rib, was it you who tore my muscle? The drill bit snapping is indeed a good analogy.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Gaelikaa – Perhaps it was brief because I know well what annoys me!

    Baino – In my house I have nobody to blame for not replacing the loo roll.

    Mayo – I drank a toast to bloggers with my red whine a little earlier! 😀

  9. Maria

    Oh yes, a great list and it has my favorite. . . people who are late. Since returning from Las Vegas, I can add street vendors who push leaflets at everyone and insist that they be taken.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – The leaflet pushers in Northern Ireland are usually handing out religious tracts! Mind you they have dwindled in the past year or so.


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