Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Art with My Needle ~ Week 37

Today found me playing catch-up after my week of fun and games down south.  No post pre set and ready for you, so now I might tempt you with a future project…..

My old well used footstool/workbox looking the worse for wear.

This old beer crate I acquired many years ago from the back yard of a country pub.  It was filthy and covered in cobwebs.  Well scoured and left in the sunshine to dry and air for a few days, I set to work on covering it.  The Irish Tweed blanket sample was used as a base cover on the box first time round.  Yes, the box has had two lives already.  First time round it had a cross stitched lid and a fitted plain covering round the base and inside.

The fabric inside the box has not faded like the outside.  The skirt this time had box pleats at the corners.

Five panels for the four sides and the base were covered and laced at the back to keep them neat.

Four castors were added to the base to help with sliding across the floor.  It was and is a very comfortable height to rest my feet on a cold winter’s night while relaxing by a real fire!

Now what way will I embellish it this time?

UPDATE:  A closer look at one of the castors for WWW.  The base of the box was a little thinner than the sides.  Jack was alive when I first covered the box.  He helped me with them.  Man Strength was needed to secure them properly.  I suppose power tools make the job easier these days.