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Our Loose Blogging consortium includes Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and yours truly.  Each of us when available will contribute a piece for the topic for the week. The call of work, study or family concerns, often prevents some members from taking part on the day or indeed the week in question.  This weeks offering was chosen by me.


Ireland was once known as the Island of Saints & Scholars.

We exported our Saints & Scholars to mainland Europe, Africa, India and the Far east.

The Saints wore hoodies habits and tried to convert the world to Christianity.

The Scholars taught how to…..

Do fancy writing…..

Sample from the Book of Kells

Initials took time and effort

To make jewellery…..

Pewter brooch with letter R

Or how to do tattoos….

Letter C Tattoo

Look at what we do with our Saints & Scholars these days…..


I am lost, totally  LOST to know how they got them in there!

Silver Surfers’ Day 21 May

It’s Silver Surfers’ Day today and over one thousand five hundred events will be taking place across the UK to focus on helping the over 50s to have a taste of what the Internet offers and to help them gain the essential ICT skills to get started.  These events will take place at UK Online Centres, libraries and Age Concern branches.
The aim is to show the prospective Silver Surfers’:-

•  how to use a computer
•  how to register for their free E-mail account
•  how to E-mail family abroad, book cheap flights, save time on shopping, find a computer course, bank safely and more.

Now if you will excuse me… these days I need help to make waves!

I hope to be dried out by three, in time for the LBC!