Yesterday I met one of my Toyboys.  He was struggling home with a bag of charcoal.

“We are going to have a BBQ!” he said.

“That sounds like fun”, I said.

Quick as a flash he asked “Would you like to join us”?

Now this was a tricky one and needed careful handling.

“Thank you for inviting me, but there may not be enough food for everyone”  after a pause I added “I’m very hungry and if I eat your share….. then you would have to go hungry”!

He thought for a moment…

“OK!  I’ll see you tomorrow!” he said, then struggled off to catch up with his dad.

He was all of SIX!

19 thoughts on “Invitation

  1. Mayo

    Gracefully bowing out of a dinner invitation without breaking the Toyboy’s heart. OHHHH, you are good!

    I heard you also gracefully (abruptly) bowed out of Skype conversation with a Toyboy for a conversation with another Toyboy.

    I must say, you know how to handle you Toyboys.

  2. nick

    Goodness, there’s a blossoming romance there.

    Just be careful. It’ll be the back row of the cinema tomorrow and he’ll be proposing on Tuesday….

  3. Milward

    Six or Sixty, sooner or later you are going have to say “yes”. You just can’t continue to break your Toyboys’ hearts.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Geri – He is a wonderful little guy, I love to watch him lost in play.

    Mayo – my Toyboys are all very understanding! 😀

    Nick – Only once in my life was I ever in the back row of the cinema. The usherette had directed us there, to a DOUBLE SEAT! We both sat down and laughed heartily, the gentleman with me was my brother!!!

    Ramana – Only way to do it!

    Milward – Welcome to my blog. I will take careful note of the advice you have given me. Thank you.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – That sounds almost dangerous!

    Magpie – He needs a mentor like you. We have fun searching for bugs in the garden, on or under leaves and under large stones; then he makes up a story about how they got there. Brilliant!

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyelysgranny – I did, but that was because dad was doing the cooking and knew how much food their was. I also saw the look of relief when I declined!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyelysgranny – I have known the dad all his life so there was no problem. Had the mother been with him she would have said, “Yes! Do come and join us”!

  8. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – Did you go looking for bugs in my bin? I only found you in there now. Two links in the one comment always assures you go that way. 🙁 The second link did not work so I deleted it.


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