Slow Start

It was a slow low start today!

Oh, I woke early as usual, well most of me did.  My left arm had other ideas.

The fingers were curled into the palm. From shoulder to fingertips was swollen and frozen solid!  My arm felt like a tonne weight and looked like marble.

It looked like Rigor mortis had set in! 😉  I do know that RM is one of the recognizable signs of death normally causing the limbs of the corpse to become stiff and difficult to move or manipulate.   In humans it commences after about 3 hours and reaches maximum stiffness after twelve.  I would say that my arm had reached maximum stiffness, so I must have died at least 12 hours previously! 🙄

I thought I actually had a good few hours rest last night, I suppose now I can say I went into a dead sleep (Dublinese for heavy sleeping)!

CALM DOWN everyone!  I am well used to this happening…. but this is the first time it happened on the left hand side of my body.  It is more usually the right side.  It has gone on for years.  I remember waking at times to find Jack trying to massage some life and warmth into my right arm, and that was at least twenty five years ago.

I remember in the early days of our marriage, Jack saying to mammy that I had frightened him the previous night (OK, so I am no beauty with or with out the face paint.  I did tell you my brothers said I looked like the back of a bus!).  The cause of Jack’s fear was that he could not see, hear or feel me breathing.  Mammy assured him that I was like that since I was a child.  She added that she often held a mirror to my face to see if it would steam up with warm breath.  It did…. just about!

Over the past month my blood pressure has been jumping about like a yo-yo!  Way up one week and at rock bottom the next.  Latest is 100/58.  So this morning in the Post/Mail I find a letter inviting me for two appointments at the Health Centre, the Cardiac Department were after me!  The word has travelled from one place to another and they want to check if I have a real or a wooden heart!

If you don’t hear from me…. ENJOY the party!

23 thoughts on “Slow Start

  1. Nancy

    I hope this is just a repeat of the times the right arm was affected…You always came through that with flying colors.

    Take good care of yourself, GM. You mean a lot to us!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I’ll be fine. A day of quiet rest and I’ll bounce back tomorrow. From the look of the weather outside my window, I am not missing much!

    Lorna – I am indeed well used to these hiccups, Listening to some music and chatting with family & friends on Skype will pass the day quickly for me.

    Nancy – It is just another little blip to let me know who is boss!!

  3. cathy

    Well, it’s a good day for complete rest. I hope you stay in your warm bed, your laptop on your lap where it is meant to be, and that tomorrow you will show them who IS boss. Best of luck with the appointments.

  4. Geri Atric

    Oh dear! That must have been scary for your family. At least the partners of ‘snorers’ know that they are (still) alive!!
    Hope the blood pressure evens out soon.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Cathy – The bed table I got before hip surgery is ideal for the Laptop since the main part of it tilts to the correct angle so there is no weight on my legs. The side part is fixed and sufficient to hold a sandwich tray and my cup of water/green tea/ coffee etc.

    Geri – I certainly kept them on their toes! 🙄

    Annb – Now a Toyboy would be handy to fetch and carry for me today! 😉

  6. steph

    Take it easy, Missus

    Or we’ll set Nurse Hitler on you 😆

    Aren’t you the lucky one, getting post on a Saturday!

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I am dealing with it in a sensible and calm way. I am used to these blips and take them in my stride.

    Steph – I am doing fine and yes, it is nice to have post on a Saturday!

    Mayo – I will be back pestering you sooner than you think!

  8. Darlene

    I’m relieved that you have had these episodes before and know that they will pass. It sounds frightening to me. Take very good care and let Nurse Hitler help.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Darlene – I had a lazy day and slept on and off this evening. I am about to bed down for the night and will bounce back tomorrow!

    Baino – It is all in hand. I am not going anywhere!

  10. wisewebwoman

    Oh you had me right scared, woman!
    What a totally unfair post!
    I am SO glad you are getting checked up on. My daughter has episodes like yours due to her MS and it never fails to make MY heart freeze and it did today for you too.
    PS Extra hugs…

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – The ‘dead arm’ seems to be quite common, yet I am never lying on it when I wake. It is so heavy that it is almost impossible to move the arm and find it right across my chest. This morning I am fine once more.

    WWW – Thanks for the hugs. I am sorry to hear about your daughter and apologise for scaring you. I didn’t mean to cause fear, my intention was to take the fear out of something like this for when it happens to others.

    Brighid – Today I am fine again, yesterday was rest and sleep, rest and sleep. Now I need to return the missed phone calls!

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Magpie – I am back to normal today, thanks. I have learned to listen to the body and take a day out when needed.

  13. Grannymar Post author

    Kate – A ‘give in’ to a day of rest works wonders. I have just finished my Sunday lunch and there is hardly a need to wash the plate! 😉


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