Daily Archives: June 1, 2010



I sat looking at the screen for a good ten minutes this morning waiting for inspiration to strike!  It was the old blank page syndrome all over again!  So I slid my finger over the keys like a young child at the piano.  Hey Presto!  I think it will work.

When Elly was a little girl, in those first years at school.  We were up with the larks and out early to literally skip, hop or jog to school.  Coming back up the hill was no bother to me back then and I used the time to plan my activities for the day.

When the weather was wet with a heavy laden sky, I worked indoors and the music set the pace for the first two hours.  Glen Miller was in the bedrooms, James Last in the bathroom & kitchen and by the time the music ended, I had finished the chores and was ready to settle down until it was time for the school run once more!  Settling down with a cup of coffee and my latest project of sewing or craft work, the hours passed and I forgot about the dreary day outside.

Today is such a day.  No!  Elly is not at school… I am hoping she is at ‘her good warm work’ – as a friend of mine used to say!  I am turning my eyes and mind indoors because I have homework to finish before tomorrow!   So far things are going the way I want them to, so fingers crossed..

Calming background music is called for.  Any suggestions?