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Our Loose Blogging consortium includes Anu, Ashok, Conrad, Gaelikaa, Ginger, Judy, Magpie 11, Maria, Ramana and yours truly.  Each of us when available, will contribute a piece for the topic for the week. The call of work, study or family concerns, often prevents some members from taking part on the day or indeed the week in question.  This weeks offering was chosen by Gaelikaa.


Twice in my life I have been rendered speechless.  The first was many moons ago when I worked as a telephone operator.

Number please!

Working as a GPO telephone operator was all about voices.  I caught a cold that was flying through the family and indeed in my workplace.  Within a couple of days I was in trouble.  I woke to find I had no voice. Gone! Vanished!  Not even a croak or a squeak could I manage.  It might have been very amusing for my brothers, but no voice meant no working for the duration.  The family doctor provided the necessary sick note that covered two weeks with the instruction not to try to talk in the mean time.  I was also to check back with him before returning to work.

I was not sick, just voiceless.  I was up and about the house and able to do my share of the chores.  There was one big problem… Mammy kept asking me questions that required more than a nod in reply.  Eventually I walked around with a notepad and pen to write down the answers.  She got tired of waiting for me to write everything down and refusing to answer the phone, but the message finally got through.

Days passed, the voiced returned and I resumed my work.

The years moved on and so did technology.  Do they still have telephone operators any more?  Nowadays I can chat through my fingers, on voice calls or with video calls that bring the other party right into my home.  The day might begin with family or friends in Australia, move on to spend the afternoon in India, then check out friends in the UK and Ireland before finishing up the evening across the pond in the US of A!

With video calling I have met many people who were but names in the past.  Those offering spam have been blocked.  Genuine people are encouraged and brighten my day.

There was one young man, who excitedly told me in his early attempts to learn English, about his latest purchase – shoes with straps!  They turned out to be sandals.

Another man regularly uses our calls to do a striptease….. only from the waist up!  While yet another gentleman wished to have a shower and get dressed before calling me on Skype for an evening face to face chat.

On the down side, I have been dumped in favour of work, food, for a sink full of dirty dishes, varicose widows, bimbos and bounty hunters!

But the other day I was speechless when one gentleman offered to show me his dickey!

He even sent me a photo.

Now calm down ladies!  The dickey is in the top right hand corner!




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