Daily Archives: June 5, 2010

Nick’s Bidding

Nick was challenged by Scarlet Blue to answer ten questions that might lead us to learning more about him.  Part of the deal when the work was done – well partly done, was to provide a list of new questions and to ask six bloggers to provide the answers etc.

Kindly old Nick broke the rules by choosing only FIVE questions and four bloggers to torture with them!.  Uckle Smuckle here happened to be one of the four!

So let me see….

1: Do you believe in life after death?
I’ll think about it if there is a promise of no potatoes to peel!

2: Do you believe in fate?
I do.  How else would Jack and I have met?  Despite aborted holiday plans for both of us, more than one set of plans in my case; we land up in the same resort on the same day and in the same hotel!

3: Do you ever have dejà vu?
Regularly, but then I have lived a long time and covered many a mile!

4: Have you ever read someone’s mind?
Another regular habit of mine.  No wonder, Jack said I was a witch!

5: Have you ever had a premonition?
I do from time to time and feel a need to make contact with the person.  If I am successful in talking to then, then they will be fine.  They are never told of my premonition.  The problem is when I am unsuccessful in making contact…..  I often get word, maybe weeks later, that they have become very ill or died! 🙁

So now it is my turn to be wicked… questions, questions…

1: Do you like to be challenged?
2: What is your favourite time of day?
3: Are you punctual?
4: The world is your oyster – where would you like to visit?
5: Favourite taste?
6: Who would you like to meet from past history?
7: What mark would you like to leave on the world?
Now there you have it, not ten questions and not five, but one question for each day of the week.

Now who to Call…. Two to my East: Gaelikaa & Ramana, two to my West Judy & Wisewebwoman and two in between: Kate & Nelly.  Now if anyone else feels like playing jump right in and join us!