Art with My Needle ~ Week 41

Time for the unveiling!

It began with a challenge to make a web that included a spider.

Gathering the toys

End of Day One.  The beginning of the web.

Pencil sketch of Spencer Spider

Playing with colour

Spencer is complete

Setting the web spines on fabric

Finished cushion with Spencer Spider on the prowl!

23 thoughts on “Art with My Needle ~ Week 41

  1. Maria

    Oh now I understand comments about you as Spider Woman. Very nice work. I will think of you more as Little Miss Moffatt.

  2. Marian

    That purple is such a vibrant colour, I love the idea as well. It would never do in my house though as Mike is petrified of spiders, personally I love them!! I loved seeing the project as it was in the different stages.

  3. nick

    Very ingenious. However if I were a fly, I think all the purple might frighten me away and Spencer would go hungry.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Maria – You saw the comments and the photos! 😆

    Marian – It was fun to do, but not really suitable for sitting on!

    Nick – I was using left over fabric and beads for the project. The colour is not really suitable for my décor right now.

  5. Mayo

    You put a face on that spider and there would be more than enough flies attacted to it. Just saying……

  6. Grannymar Post author

    Mayo – The cheque id in the post! 😆

    Maria – Mayo is good for a girl’s ego!

    WWW – I like the spider but am not sure about the cushion. I often feel like that when a project is complete. The journey is the fun for me!

  7. steph


    It’s very pretty but why did Spencer not finish spinning his web?

    He’ll never catch a fly with only a few circular threads 🙄

  8. Alice

    That turned out very well indeed! I’ll bet those needlework magazines would love to see this project submitted for publication. Have you ever thought of doing that?

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyelysgranny – Thank you. I am not sure I want to part with Spencer.

    Alice – I see my craft work as fun and a hobby. Sharing it here is one thing; but once you become involved with magazines or indeed TV, they want to take over and do it their way. It becomes their project in their words and pictures and for me the fun element goes out the window.

  10. Corky

    Hi Marie,
    This spider is surely a work of art and the colors are gorgeous but,…spiders just scare the living daylights out of me. I can get rid of them if they are after my kids (as you know from the incident during our conversation) but they just send chills up my spine. We have so many and so many different kinds must be the reason.
    I could never sew a straight seam or hem in my life even tho’ my mother, bless her heart, tried every way in the world to teach me how to do it. I always end up with needle pricks and blood all over everything. Joe has hopefully bought me two sewing machines and they have rusted from lack of use, lol. He has finally given up and asked me to find an alterations person to take care of his sewing needs because he never could get used to having one sleeve or pantleg shorter than the other.
    I’m through rambling for today. We are looking forward to another night of rain, lightning and wind so have to get things taken care of
    before sundown. Am looking forward to our next talk.

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Corky – It s good to hear from you. I understand the spider business Elly always hated them and the whole neighbourhood knew when she found one! I constantly prick my fingers while sewing. Pity I am not next door, I am expert at fixing the trouser legs et al. I did that stuff for Jack all the time.

    I hope we can chat soon!


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