Daily Archives: June 12, 2010

Did you miss me?

I was busy yesterday, enjoying a day in the Big Smoke!  Years ago Cities were often smoky places.  Yesterday Belfast was bathed in glorious sunshine and perfect for sauntering.  The journey was smooth and uneventful giving me time to mosey about for an hour before meeting ‘my date’.

It was a bonus to meet @zcott near the Victoria Centre and I suddenly realised how much I missed the Flickr group.  I hope I managed to convince him to arrange with the lads for another photo-walk soon.  Very soon!

My friend and I managed to reach the appointed spot at high noon and his suggestion for lunch was Deane’s.  We walked and talked the short distance and were soon seated comfortably perusing the menu.  We were the first of the diners to arrive and almost the last to leave, I couldn’t believe it was four O’clock when we stepped out onto into the afternoon sunshine once more.  A lovely day and a break from the solitude of my life.

Good friends are goldust.