Daily Archives: June 20, 2010

Are you punctual?

Question Three from a Meme.

I grew up in a punctual house.  My father was a stickler for time, if you were due to be at a particular place for a certain time you were there.  Not a minute before and not a minute after but bang on the dot!  On the off chance that you were a little early he would not stop but drive around the block.  Once!  Be it two, five or ten minutes early he always knew a block that took just that amount of time.

On the last occasion that we were scheduled to be somewhere together for an important occasion was to walk me up the aisle on the day of my wedding.  Naturally he was not driving,  but we were on time.  The wedding was at noon on a bright sunny day.  As I took the last step to reach Jack’s side the church bell rang out, I looked at him with a smile and said: “You can never say that I kept you waiting”.

I like to be on time and so did Jack.  Despite all the years of unrest and mayhem on the roads of the Province during the troubles, it never fizzed Jack, he would know or find a way around the disturbance or road block to get you to wherever you needed to go.

Since mammy and daddy were always ready, how come Elly is always in a fluster and flurry before she goes anywhere 😕

Now to prove that I am punctual I need to acknowledge a gift.  It is not a gift for me personally, but for the Blog:

The gift was from Gaelikaa and since it is for my Blog, then each and every one of you who comment here so punctually with spontaneous humour, information and encouragement, should all have a share.  So on behalf of my blog I say Thank You Gaelikaa, and thank you everyone, it is time for you to take a bow!