Are you punctual?

Question Three from a Meme.

I grew up in a punctual house.  My father was a stickler for time, if you were due to be at a particular place for a certain time you were there.  Not a minute before and not a minute after but bang on the dot!  On the off chance that you were a little early he would not stop but drive around the block.  Once!  Be it two, five or ten minutes early he always knew a block that took just that amount of time.

On the last occasion that we were scheduled to be somewhere together for an important occasion was to walk me up the aisle on the day of my wedding.  Naturally he was not driving,  but we were on time.  The wedding was at noon on a bright sunny day.  As I took the last step to reach Jack’s side the church bell rang out, I looked at him with a smile and said: “You can never say that I kept you waiting”.

I like to be on time and so did Jack.  Despite all the years of unrest and mayhem on the roads of the Province during the troubles, it never fizzed Jack, he would know or find a way around the disturbance or road block to get you to wherever you needed to go.

Since mammy and daddy were always ready, how come Elly is always in a fluster and flurry before she goes anywhere 😕

Now to prove that I am punctual I need to acknowledge a gift.  It is not a gift for me personally, but for the Blog:

The gift was from Gaelikaa and since it is for my Blog, then each and every one of you who comment here so punctually with spontaneous humour, information and encouragement, should all have a share.  So on behalf of my blog I say Thank You Gaelikaa, and thank you everyone, it is time for you to take a bow!

20 thoughts on “Are you punctual?

  1. Rhyelysgranny

    How lovely of you to share your award with your readers.:) I wish I was punctual. I try very hard to be. I have my journey and timing all planned and know I have to leave the house at a certain time so i am always ready. For some mysterious reason when I go to get my car keys and actually leave the house a load of time disappears and I know not who takes it. For that reason I am generally late 🙁
    Remember this when we make our date for coffee LOL x

  2. nick

    I also like punctuality. I think it’s unfair to the other person or persons if you keep them waiting and they have no idea when or if you’ll turn up. I remember Jenny and I inviting a friend to our flat in London for a meal. She turned up an hour late by which time we had assumed she wasn’t coming and we had already eaten half the meal.

    If that present’s big enough to crush you, I wonder what on earth it is?

  3. Grannymar Post author

    Rhyelysgranny – We really must get together for that coffee. Drop me an email and let me know what day would suit you.

  4. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I had a friend acquaintance at one point, who always came at least an hour late and expect that everyone would wait for her. On her last visit (late of course) I had removed her place setting and left it on the side. We went ahead with the meal and when she arrived I simply moved my setting along and set hers in. She had less room than usual and when I went to the kitchen to gather the next course, one of my other guests told her how thoughtless and ill-mannered it was to turn up so late and expect to be fed. Needless to say she never came back.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – It must be trying at times to have an early and a late clocked person living in the same house! Do you think I was born without the laid back gene?

    Brighid – I have had some interesting encounters when arriving early for an event.

  6. wisewebwoman

    I am so with you on that one GM! I HAD a friend who was consistently late and often never apologised, she always behaved as if it were an elaborate joke only she was privy to.
    I told her a couple of times it showed a remarkable lack of respect for her loved ones and also, which is the most interesting thing, – a complete lack of respect for herself.
    That lack of respect for herself manifested mightily a couple of years ago and it was the demise of our friendship.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    WWW – The person I mentioned above never knew how to apologise. She liked to think she was an authority on everything, yet proved many times that she was anything but! Friends like that we are better off without.

  8. Rummuser

    I wish that I could be different, but I am punctual too. There are times now a days that I wish that I could simply give up and doing things on time and just laze around. Senility creeping in?

    Thanks for the nice sharing of your award from Gaelikaa. I truly appreciate your sentiments.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Ramana – I wish I could be less worried about time, but I hate when others keep me waiting, therefore I will not do unto others…..

    The blog has survived and grown because of the the encouragement and support of those who comment, so the award is as much theirs as it is mine.

  10. Mayo


  11. Grannymar Post author

    Mayo – How did you know the exact number of exclamation marks it takes to fill one line ❓

  12. Cardi

    In past times 21 hundred meant 21hundred – NOT 21 and a bit – nor 20 59 and a bit – that’s been ingrained in me since as well as a sad enjoyment of ironing clothes – my other half is more than willing to take a back seat on that one – but she’s just as meticulous about time keeping – isn’t it just good manners?

  13. Magpie11

    I’m with Elly………… I’m rarely in a state of readiness………. and rarely, if ever, late. Ah! That’s not completely accurate as one can never fully rely on public transport being punctual…there are idiots on the road in their cars complaining that they’d us e public transport if it was better. They forget that they are the reason that it doesn’t run on time…them and their cars!

    Years of a mother that always had to be organised, then years at boarding school: “Morning boys. Ten past seven. Time to get up.” breakfast at 8 am on the dot, and so on and so forth…schedules and time tables……….. With each advance in technology we humans have become more an more enslaved by “time”. Now we measure to the nearest second.

    I think that from now on I am going to be studiedly unpunctual.

    Perhaps we should all go back to relying on our Circadian Clock? Apparently every cell in our body operates on a Circadian Clock.

  14. gaelikaa

    You ARE punctual. It took me months to organise passing on the award – better late than never, I suppose. Btw it looks lovely on your blog!

  15. Grannymar Post author

    Baino – Having children to look after certainly makes watching the clock and keeping to timetables a regular routine.

    Cardi – I know several men who like to do the ironing, they make a good job of it too.

    Magpie – Was the last bus very late? 😉 Your mention of a Circadian Clock brought the lines of a song to my head: ‘I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler, I’m a long way from home. And if you don’t like me, well, leave me alone. I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dry …’

    Gaelikaa – I like to deal with things while they are fresh in my mind, otherwise they get lost in the mists of time.


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