Daily Archives: June 22, 2010

Viewing the Future

Since I wrote the post about Paranormal Experiences the questions keep popping up.

A small selections of the questions:

  • I’m thinking about changing car insurance. Does XXXXXX provide good customer service?
  • I’m a real estate agent.How do I target attorneys to refer me business?
  • What would be the best college degree to have if my kids are to stay put and earn decently in the Philippines?

The other questions you don’t need to know about! 🙄

The picture above is the nearest I come to having a crystal ball, and I tried asking it questions…

Perhaps it was the lack of appropriate headgear and large hoop earrings, but no answers were forthcoming!  Maybe you have a few good answers to share.

One thing I can forecast for tomorrow Wednesday, is a little extra fun. Besides a progress report on my craft work in the morning, there will be an unusual surprise in the afternoon.  So forget the Tennis at Wimbledon and the World Cup Footie in South Africa,  make a coffee, pull up a chair and come join in the fun.