Bloggers Meet-Up on Saturday 3rd July

It was all Lily’s idea!

We were sitting in a relaxed group in the aftermath of the Irish Blog Awards 2010 in Galway.  Our thoughts were drawn to the missing faces – Steph, Annb , Marian etc.  So Lily wondered aloud about us all meeting up when the days were longer and perhaps the weather better.

‘Wondering aloud’ can be a dangerous exercise in the Irish Blog scene.  Ideas quickly become set in concrete.  A date was thrown down as a guide, none of us had a diary to hand.  Well time has passed….. the suggested date is fast approaching

Our Bloggers Meet-Up is on Saturday 3rd July, in Jim’s Kitchen in Portlaoise, with a start time of 1pm. Please do come along if you can make it. Let’s see who are on the list so far….  Lily of course, MarianLorna, Marie, Elly and yours truly.  I suggest you leave a comment Here so a check can be kept on numbers – you won’t all fit on my knee. 😉  I am looking forward to hearing about all the craft work that Marian has put into her arrangements including the table runners, invitations, etc for her forthcoming wedding – twenty days later. I’ll being my new needlethreader and the needles just in case we have stitches to add.

Please pass the word about the meet-up.  We have great craic and you will be sorry later if you miss the fun.

Now what will I wear?  Wanders off planning mischief….!

19 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet-Up on Saturday 3rd July

  1. Baino

    You’re just doing this to tease me now. . Wish I could. Have one in September and you never never know! Hey I could fly from France for the weekend!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Marie – It will be wonderful to see everyone again and hopefully some new faces too!

  3. Annb

    I’m gutted as I will have to miss yet another chance to meet all you fantastic people. The other kidney is away working that weekend so will have to stay at home with the kids. Hope you all have a lovely time.

  4. Marian

    Looking forward to it now. It will be great to get away from wedding central for the day. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone, I was gutted I missed the Blog Awards.

  5. Darlene

    Well, you guys behave as you meet up. I wish I could join you, but living on the other side of the pond makes that impossible for me. Have fun !!

  6. steph

    OMG! Is THAT why you’re going to Portlaoise?

    I honestly never twigged when you mentioned it t’other day 🙄

    Well, it is Wimbledon Ladies Final next Saturday but…

    you’ve twisted my arm!

    See you there! I’ll let Lily know.

  7. Grannymar Post author

    BHB – It is a long journey, but no doubt we will have a toast to absent friends.

  8. Susan C


    Left a post over on Lily’s blog. Hoping to make it for 1 and looking forward to meeting everyone. 🙂
    See you then.


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