Daily Archives: June 27, 2010

The world is your Oyster

The world is your Oyster – where would you like to visit?

Meme question No. 4.

Obertauern I was there in Wintertime, now I would like to visit in Summer.

Yosemite National Park A place I have heard about since childhood, now might be the time to lose myself there.

Sydney A girl needs to visit a City every now and then, so why not this one?  When I have had enough I might move on to pester my Little Brother!

Timbuktu Simply because this was the answer to the question ‘Mammy where are you going?’.  She may have been going to the local shops, or to town, I only remember asking if she was leaving the house alone.  Never fear, there was always an adult about to look after us.  We were never latch key kids!

Easter Island Because it is there and old.

Reykjavík Capital and the largest City of Iceland. I would like to visit during the summer, when the nights are almost as bright as the days.

Now if that is out of the question, I would like to do a tour of the world, visiting all the owners of the Blogs I read and enjoy, and the wonderful people who visit my blog!