The world is your Oyster

The world is your Oyster – where would you like to visit?

Meme question No. 4.

Obertauern I was there in Wintertime, now I would like to visit in Summer.

Yosemite National Park A place I have heard about since childhood, now might be the time to lose myself there.

Sydney A girl needs to visit a City every now and then, so why not this one?  When I have had enough I might move on to pester my Little Brother!

Timbuktu Simply because this was the answer to the question ‘Mammy where are you going?’.  She may have been going to the local shops, or to town, I only remember asking if she was leaving the house alone.  Never fear, there was always an adult about to look after us.  We were never latch key kids!

Easter Island Because it is there and old.

Reykjavík Capital and the largest City of Iceland. I would like to visit during the summer, when the nights are almost as bright as the days.

Now if that is out of the question, I would like to do a tour of the world, visiting all the owners of the Blogs I read and enjoy, and the wonderful people who visit my blog!

19 thoughts on “The world is your Oyster

  1. nick

    Sydney is the most beautiful city I’ve visited. Vancouver would be second. If only Sydney wasn’t so far away, I’d be visiting constantly!

  2. Nancy


    There are wonderful excursions from San Francisco to Yosemite.. Let’s go!

    We will meet at the Fairmont Hotel high atop Nob Hill.It is the only intersection in the City where each of the cable car lines meet. You can go anywhere from there with ease.

    Next, we will visit Ghiradelli Square and sample the delicious chocolate..then we’ll hop on the cable car again and go to the Embarcadero..Then, on to the highest point in the city to view the Golden Gate bridge at sunset..Beautiful!

    Next day we leave for Yosemite. It is a three day tour and we will see the giant redwoods and especially the famous ones that have tunnels through their trunk to allow a car to drive through. We will stay in a rustic cottage in the park with a cozy fireplace and a little porch with rocking chairs to sit on in the evening and enjoy a gin and tonic..

    Then back to San Francisco and a trip up to the Napa Valley to visit the wineries and sample the Pinot Grigios and Cabernets at each one. Hic!

    How does that sound? All I can say is “I WISH!”

  3. steph

    I’d like to visit New Zealand first (north and south island), then Sydney and then Vancouver. I rather fancy a trip to Peru too.

    I’ve been to San Francisco but if you and cousin Nancy would like someone to chauffeur drive you around Yosemite, I’m more than willing!

    I’m practicing my American twang right now 😀

  4. Mayo

    Nancy, is that invitation only for Grannymar. What about the rest of us??????? i know she has all the pull. I would promise to behave!!

  5. Grannymar Post author

    Nick – I do fancy Sydney and of course Baino is there too, I am sure she would make a great guide.

    Nancy – That sounds like a grand Tour. I am ready to go!

    Steph – There are so many places I want to visit, but was keeping within the letters of the Word Oyster.

    Mayo – YOU BEHAVE! That might be a first! 🙄

    Ramana – I listened to that song and believe it or not ,it was followed by another of your favourite singers — Doris Day singing:

  6. Nancy


    Do you think I’d let YOU drive me from San Francisco to Yosemite on the WRONG side of the road?

    Think again. AND, as far as your American twang is concerned, keep practicing because you’re still not tawking good enough yet….

  7. Nancy

    @ Mayo,

    No, the invitation would also include you IF you behaved as promised..

    Ask Steph to help you sharpen up your American twang. Perhaps a Boston accent would suit you better i.e. “I packed my cah at Havard yad” . Try that…

  8. blackwatertown

    They all sound good. The only one I’ve been to is Yosemite. Well worth visiting and camping. Wrap up your food so bears – I seem to remember bears – don’t come sniffing. Wonderful dramatic landscapes. It almost ended badly for me with a lightning strike. The witnesses were most upset, but I wasn’t that aware of how close it was to me until I noticed the gaping crowd.

  9. Grannymar Post author

    BWT – Good tip that about wrapping up the food. Did anyone get photos of the great escape?

  10. Marianna

    “Timbuktu” – thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Growing up, I heard this often.

    Now I’m going to have to go and visit Google to see the origins of this. 🙂

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – I never forget the day I saw Timbukto on a map for the very first time! Her other phrase was: “I’M going to run away with a soldier!”

  12. Grannymar Post author

    Marianna – “I’M going to run away with a soldier!” was uttered loudly when we were naughty! 🙁 Thankfully mammy never carried out the threat! 😀

  13. Alice

    Great idea for a post. Wish it could be. If you came here I could take you to lunch at the former home of dozens of Brigham Young’s plural wives where they serve up the most luscious of pies, and lots of beautiful canyons and if it’s in winter, we could go skiing (you could, I don’t know how) and just don’t know what all. You could do all this on your way to California and Nancy’s wonderful tour which I think we all want to come to.

  14. Grannymar Post author

    Alice – I think I need a one way ticket over the pond, rent a motor home and move from one state to another visiting all my friends.


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