Jim’s kitchen

Not another Toyboy to talk about….

I mean the place we met for lunch on Saturday.  There were nine of us in number and the craic and chat were mighty.  The venue was new to both Elly and I and as we approached we were looking for the name Jim in the title.  Not finding it we decided to venture indoors to explore.  We did have a text to say they were gathered at a table in the back.

As we were about to make our entrance another lady was eyeing us up.  I asked if she was here for the Blogger’s meet-up and she said “I thought I recognised you”!  We quickly discovered she was Susan C and this was her first meet-up so we quickly headed indoors to make introductions.

Already gathered were Lily, Steph, Cathy. Marian, Lorna, & Marie, and Lily had thoughtfully arranged when reserving the table, to have wine, soft drinks and nibbles for us while introductions were made.  It was a great beginning to a wonderful day.

Beginning centre front with Elly’s cardigan (she was behind the camera) and moving anti-clockwise we have: Lorna, Marie, Marian, Steph, SusanC, Cathy, Lily & GM.

We moved to the counter in batches to select our food and there was something to suit all food needs.  The desserts were to die for and I looked, drooled and past by most of them until I found something without cream.

All the while the chat continued…..

We covered food & drink, cooking, baking & crafting, books & book clubs, keeping chickens & the problems with foxes, the weather and eating outdoors.  Then there were holidays and honeymoons, arranging weddings, and travel. We touched on health before moving on to our common link of Blogs, blogging, blogging platforms and all things techie.  The pros and cons of Twitter and Facebook were aired and debated. We all came away having learned something new

Now I wonder where we will have the next meet-up!

18 thoughts on “Jim’s kitchen

  1. Marie

    Hello Grannymar 🙂 A great summing up of our bloggers get together yesterday. We certainly covered a lot of ground! What a diverse group we are from all walks of life and the four corners of this island – what are the chances we would ever have met and converged in this way without the blogosphere? Very little and yet, I can honestly say that my life has been enriched by our meeting both on and off-line. It was a great afternoon of chat and friendship. Looking forward to the next one…maybe we’ll find somewhere with more toy boy opportunities next time!

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  3. Lorna

    Great sum-up of a lovely afternoon Grannymar, lovely to see you again and to meet Elly. It turns out Elly and I are virtually related, well, our husbands are. Small world and all the rest

  4. Rummuser

    If that lovely group of ladies want an exotic place to meet the next time, I shall be honoured and pleased to host the same in Pune!

  5. Lily

    Grannymar, ’twas great to meet up again.

    Ramana thank you, what an excellent idea, first stop Portlaoise, next stop Pune … 🙂

  6. cathy

    Grannymar, it was a pleasure to see you, as always, and so nice to meet some people for the first time also. You said everything that had to be said, it was a great afternoon, and I look forward to the next one.

    Pune, hey?

  7. Grannymar Post author

    Marie – Thank you for the link, we did have fun yesterday.

    Ramana – Be very careful! We might take you up on that offer.

    Lily – Thank you for organising the day. Pune… What do you think?

    Cathy – No point in having Toyboys if we cannot make use of them! 😉

  8. kenju

    We had our blogger friends over here for swimming and dinner yesterday! I love being with them, as we have so much in common. Looks like a great group there!

  9. Grannymar Post author

    Judy – That sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you take it in turns to host the meet-ups?

  10. Annb

    So sorry I couldn’t join you it sounds like I imagined it would be: a lovely warm afternoon. I will really try to get there next time.

  11. Grannymar Post author

    Annb – You were missed. A Meet-up will happen for you when the time is right, and we all look forward to it.

    WWW – You would have loved it! Who knows… we might manage one in the autumn when you come home to Ireland!

  12. Brighid

    It sounds like a fun & interesting time was had by all present. Thank you for including the rest of us that are too far away to come.

  13. Baino

    Looks like fun and not a toyboy in sight? I don’t think I’m coming unless there’s a toy boy! Great to see Steph there too!


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