Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

My Days in Dublin Part 1

It started with a bus journey into the City.

Retracing the scenes from my childhood


The building is so much brighter than I remember as a child.  Where have all the queues gone?  Perhaps they are all sitting on the internet!

Cards, but no Post cards?

It was back to the street

I selected some post cards

Bought the stamps

Then sent the cards on their merry way and headed back to the streets

I thought of Corky

Remembered the sounds of Moore Street and the Street traders.  The shouts in my head of “Truppence (3 pence)  each the oranges, or five for a shilling!”  A Shilling was 12 old pennies.

I met a few ladies.  This piece is called ‘Meeting Place’. Built in 1988 by Jakki McKenna, the statues capture a slice of everyday life in the city centre.  Unlike other statues that are serious in nature, this particular statue is light-hearted as it celebrates the ordinary and mundane.

We crossed the Halfpenny Bridge, a pedestrian bridge across the River Liffey.  In days of yore there was a toal of a Halfpenny to cross this bridge

The view from the halfpenny Bridge, looking towards O’Connell Bridge.

Into Temple Bar, a very lively spot these days with street musicians and ideal for people watching.

Murphy’s Ice Cream

On through Temple Bar with it’s individual and unusual shops

To Wicklow street and a treat…

Murphy’s Ice Cream

And this time I meet the man himself…  I was anxious to catch up with Kieran once more.

Having guided me through the various flavours and knowing from the book how much cream and milk are involved, I chose a raspberry sorbet, my sister chose Rum and Raisin ice cream.  We sat in the cool comfort of the shop to enjoy our little pleasures and rest our feet.  Naturally I wanted a photo with a good looking Toyboy so Kieran posed with me next the wood lined wall.  This is no ordinary wood – it came from an Amish Barn in Pennsylvania!

Now you have enough for one day.  More to follow!