Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

Art with My Needle ~ Week 45

No progress on the wool project this week.  I was far too busy running round the country to meet up with Bloggers, Toyboys, shopping, and trying fast cars!

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In the meantime another little project I played about with some years ago.

I bought a plain uncoloured silk scarf, with a rolled edge and ready for painting.  I always wash the fabric before painting to remove the finish that is on the fabric.  These finishes can resist paint and spoil a design.  Best results are achieved when the fabric is attached to a frame, being careful to keep it taut.

Alas, I had no frame at the time of the correct shape and size for the job. A large thick sheet of plastic was spread on the floor and I set the freshly paint soaked scarf on it.  I wanted to use a Resist technique with Deka Silk paint.   These silk paints are inter-mixable, non-toxic, water-based and fixed by ironing!  The paints are wash-fast up to 60°C.  By sprinkling Rock salt on areas of the wet paint it draws off the paint underneath each crystal – leave the salt in place until the paint has dried completely – at least overnight.  If you click on the picture below you will see the pattern that I achieved.

This link will give more information about Resist and much more.

In order to fix the paint lay a sheet of baking parchment on the ironing board, then the fabric and add a top layer of parchment on top.  It ensures there are no errors of paint coming off on the iron or the board.  It also protects the silk from burning.  Move a hot iron over the paper sandwich slowly making sure to heat all the item in turn.

Did you know how to check if a fabric is real silk?  No matter what thickness or width of fabric, REAL silk will pass through a wedding ring!